American Horror Story New Season: Double Feature

Poster for AHS Double Feature

Poster for AHS Double Feature

Valerie Rodriguez , Staff Writer

American Horror Story(AHS) is a very popular thriller show with nine seasons, and soon to be 10. The new season was released on Wednesday, August 25, 2021. Titled Double Feature, this season is unlike any other season, and creator Ryan Murphy has decided to split the new series into two. After they released new posters, this season appears to mix aliens and sea monsters. This might give the audience an idea of what’s to come.

Siren carrying an Alien in agony.

Since the AHS season 10 teasers and trailers and poster art, fans haven’t received many clues of what the story might be about. Some posters show an alien underwater and another poster shows a creature holding the alien-like a dead bride, which makes it seem like the two creatures don’t get along much.

There are some theories in which the other creature seems to be a siren from the sea because of the alien being underwater, which makes fans issue lots of new theories about how the story might turn out.

On July 27, FX shared a teaser, which is a one-minute long preview of Season 10 on social media titles. “A collision of terror like you’ve never seen”– which makes some fans think that this might be the scariest season of all.

Many fans question if there are any AHS Season 10 spoilers but there are a few tiny spoilers. Murphy said that there would be two stories, “one by sea and the other by sand.” this year many people have been trying to figure out that riddle ever since.

A lot of people seem to enjoy American Horror Story because of the gory, thrilling theme especially with this new season coming up which premiers on Wednesday, Aug. 25, on FX.

In my own opinion, people should really watch the new season of AHS especially if you like horror/thriller TV shows. It’s a fun and exciting thing to watch on the weekend since October is now here.

0I personally haven’t watched much of AHS, but I’ve watched some episodes of the second season and I’ve gotten pretty spooked by this excellent, mind-blowing series. There isn’t a limit for younger audiences to watch, so please be aware of your younger siblings.