Bob Saget has Suddenly and Sadly Passed Away

Actor Bob Saget

Actor Bob Saget

Emely Lazo, Managing Editor

Bob Saget, the 65-year-old famous comedian and actor, sadly passed away due to head trauma on January 9, 2022.

Just before his death, the comedian performed his stand-up show outside of Jacksonville at the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall and he shared a selfie with fans after the show. These were his final moments and memories before his death.

Bob Saget in the 1990s

He was found unresponsive in a hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes, and he was pronounced dead at the scene. After many examinations by forensics experts, they concluded that his death was an accident, most likely caused by blunt force trauma due to a fall.

His family then gave a statement to all of Saget’s fans and this gave closure to his fans. Among the many conclusions about his death, many fans suspected that his death was not caused by an overdose, but instead, alcohol was involved.

Rather than dying directly after hitting the back of his head on something, Saget died peacefully in his sleep. Many fans were shocked to hear of Saget’s passing as he looked happy and healthy during his final show.

Many people mourned and are still mourning his death one month later–including many fans from the show Full House, a sitcom and childhood favorite that many watched growing up, and in which he was famously known for his role of Danny Turner.

His family is thankful for his fans’ support and kind words. Many of his close friends and actors who worked with him are still giving tribute to Saget today and keeping his memory alive.

The cast of Full House

Ever since I was young, I was a watcher of the show Full House and I was devastated to listen and hear about his death. He bonded with me and many teenagers my age and those older than me as well. We will all carry him in our hearts.

May Bob Saget rest in peace.