Taylor Swift’s New Album Midnights Released on October 21

Taylor Swift arriving at the VMAS  (photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Taylor Swift arriving at the VMA’S (photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Roger Arevalo, Staff Writer

Taylor Swift is one of the best-known artists of our generation and many say she is the best songwriter of our generation. Her songs are known to numb the heart and heal the broken heart.

Swift has 11 Grammys and is looking to make it 12 with her new album Midnights, an album about her “13 sleepless nights.”  Swift has also stated that these 13 sleepless nights have occurred throughout her life as a songwriter and singer. Her hardships helped her perfect her craft and make the best songs for her fans. Midnights is the 10th album Swift has released since she started her singing career. It was released on October 21, 2022, and it has been very anticipated by her fans.

Swift announced the release of her new album at the VMA awards after winning her fourth VMA. She holds the record for most VMA wins in the history of the award show. She stated in an interview that “she’s very excited for her fans to hear her new album.” Many sources say that this new album might be the best one she’s come out with since her first album released in 2006 with a 99% like rate. She’s known to break barriers in the music industry and very much is expected of Swift in her new album. 

Swift also previously released some of the 13 song titles that she announced for the album. One song is titled “Mastermind” about one of her past relationships and is based on one of the 13 sleepless nights she talked about.

This new collection of songs Swift has made is going to have a sweet and dark touch to it that many fans expect her to make. Many still say that one song in her new album is about Harry Styles, another great artist that was in a relationship with Swift but it was not confirmed.

Swift has had a long-term partnership with Target and is set to release a bonus edition of the album with Target as one of her sponsors. The genre of “Mastermind” has not been stated yet, but from what Swift has stated, many speculate that it’s about heartbreak and late nights thinking about life. 

The album will be available to listen to on these streaming platforms: Apple Music and Spotify (and it is available to pre-save). Swift will also be selling hard copies that you can purchase on her website and will be shipped on release day. There are also four available colors you can choose from with the hard copy purchase. The four colors are: the moonstone edition, the mahogany edition, the blood-moon edition, and the jade green edition.

I interviewed Yanaris Arevalo (11) and asked her, “What do you expect about Taylor Swift’s new album?” She said, “This album will be her best in a long time.” Many fans have said the same thing, so do not miss out on getting your copy of Midnights.