Meet Alexia Avelar, ASB President


Alexia Avelar, Student Body President.

Marie E. Rodriguez, Editor In Chief

Alexia Avelar is the BCCHS Student Body President for the 2015-2016 school year. She looks forward to making this school year an exciting event for all. With the help of the last year’s Student Body President, Marjorie Martinez, Avelar felt that she had a strong back bone during her campaign.

Elections took place around March of her junior year. To attract attention Avelar and Martinez made flyers along with black and pink t-shirts that read “Vote for Alexia Avelar ASB President.” Having Martinez by her side really boosted up her confidence. Avelar exclaimed that if she was victorious, it would be “two years in a row that the underdog wins.” Still unsure if things would work out her way, Avelar shared some of her inspirations for running for the position. Avelar mentioned that she kept pushing through the campaign because she truly believed that she could “help ideas come to life.” With the support of Martinez and her family, Avelar did not plan on giving up.

Avelar remembers the exact moment that the winner was announced. She was sitting in her English class when she heard her name. “I got flushed red and everyone turned around to look at me,” is her exact description of the moment.  The moment that Avelar was officially named Student Body President was the moment that she knew she had to make her fellow Patriots proud.

Avelar loves that she is able to create “a positive impact on student’s high school experience” for all but she did mention that she carries some faults as well. “I have to admit, however, that it doesn’t help to be a clutter magnet! I attract mess but this position is challenging me to become a more organized person and be able to work more efficiently.” Although Avelar sees herself as unorganized, she still manages to maintain good grades and has an idea about her life after high school. “I plan on applying to UCLA, UCI, UCR, CSULA, CSUN, and The Master’s College.” She also makes sure that she stays involved by being an avid member of the J-Walkers and of course ASB.

Avelar’s main concern is school spirit. She plans to expose school spirit to every individual who steps onto campus. “By the end of this school year I can reasonably say that I’d like to -along with my amazing team- recreate Birmingham culture and encourage school spirit among all classes. It hasn’t been an easy process so far, but we are definitely making progress from where this school was last year. My goals can basically be summed up as creating a healthy campus culture and abundant school spirit for all.” With events like pep- rallies and spirit week, Avelar and her team are doing a great job to revamp school spirit so far. Avelar does not see any stopping and encourages others to do the same.

Along with carrying the responsibilities of a student body president, she describes her daily routine as “not out of the ordinary.” Avelar gets to school around eight in the morning in order to recite the Pledge of Allegiance over the PA system. She then attends class as the rest of the student body does. Finally, once the school day is over and all her duties are taken care of, she heads home to do homework, help her mom around the house, and plan for the following day. When asked to elaborate about her home life, Avelar provided this description: “My home life is pretty simple, I love being with my family and will often help my mom with chores and cooking. My main responsibility at home besides these things is helping my younger sister with her homework every night. Being only ten years old, my sister is super aware of my every move so I take it upon myself to try and set the best example for her that I can.” Avelar is a young, family-orientated girl who looks for nothing in return but to make the people around her smile.

With her home life and school life intact, Avelar hopes to end this school year with nothing but positive school spirit. To end on a good note, Avelar expressed her thanks to all. “I’d like to add an enormous thank you to every single person who shares the vision of a better Birmingham and contributes through their amazing work in sports, clubs, and of course, the arts programs. Thank you to our teachers, faculty and staff, because without these guys, there obviously would be no Birmingham in the first place.”