Monserrat Carrasco
Monse is a junior at BCCHS, and is in the Digital Media academy. She is the Student Life Editor for The Patriot Post. Ans is currently a part of Junior Council, Feed the Mouth, and Digital Media Club. Some of her hobbies include exploring, reading, and watching Netflix. Someday she wishes to explore far beyond California . She also enjoys listening to music, especially her playlist that she created on Spotify. She is also a kind and helpful person, who's always pleased to help others in any shape,way, or form. Aside from public activities she has a great passion for writing; her passion for writing began in seventh grade when she received her first journal, and she is more than enthusiastic to write for The Patriot Post. 

Some movies she really likes are IT, Nemo, and Jaws. And some movies she really dislikes are The Lion King and The Titanic. She also enjoys the TV shows Orphan Black, Stranger Things, and Ascension. Monse also likes watching makeup tutorials on YouTube because she thinks that it's a really cool way to be artistic and creative when your own face is the canvas. Some of her favorite flowers are sunflowers and carnations, but she hates roses.


Monserrat Carrasco, Student Life Editor

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