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Aransy Munoz, Staff Writer

Aransy Munoz is currently a 10th student in Birmingham community charter high school. Her parents are from Guatemala, but Aransy was born here in Lancaster, California. Her favorite colors are purple and grey. Her favorite food is sushi especially shrimp tempura roll! She has always been an active person. She likes to be involved in sports. she was also the captain of her drill team for 4 years and has been in her schools student council. Some sports she has been in are soccer, soft ball, cheer, gymnastics and cheer. Aransys favorite subjects in are school biology and chemistry. Aransys main goal for this school year is to pass all her classes and get a GPA of 3.65 at least.

Aransy loves to travel. her favorite place she has visited is yellow stone. Aransys family loves to go camping especially to Kings Canyon national Park. Her favorite theme park is Disneyland. Aransy loves thrills, she is very adventurous. Shes only ever been out of the United States once when she was 7 years old, she traveled to her parents country, Guatemala. She is a very shy person when it comes to socializing. Aransy likes to keep to herself when she around new people. It takes time for her to open up, but when she does she can be very outgoing. Aransys birthday is in February 25th, 2007. Her favorite hobby is listening to music and just spacing off. Some of her favorite albums are ¨Un Verano Sin Ti¨  by Bad Bunny and ¨Camp¨ by Childish Gambino.

Aransy is the oldest sibling out of 5.  She has three sisters and one brother. Aransy likes being the oldest sibling because she has more say and gets to boss everyone around.  When she graduates she hopes to study and be a marine biologist. Aransy hopes to attend UCLA after she graduates from high school. She has always wanted to go there ever since she was 8 years old. Aransy has always had big dreams, she hopes to accomplish most of them. She so far enjoys being in journalism and hopes to write great articles for everyone to read.

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Aransy Munoz