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Roger Arevalo is a 16 year old student who attends Birmingham Community charter high school. He loves playing soccer and hanging out with friends. He also enjoys playing guitar and walking his dog. Roger also likes watching anime. He loves trying new foods and exploring the world. He hopes to attend CSUN were he can follow his dreams and major in criminology, he also like listing to music and going to amusement parks. He is a twin and has 4 siblings. He was born and raised in California his whole life and he enjoys it. Rogers parents are from El Salvador which makes him half Salvadorian and half American. To make time go faster he likes to work on cars and learn more about them every day. Roger loves his dog called Zimba, a golden retriever mixed with a golden doddle, he trains Zimba to be a well behaved dog and a loving companion. Roger also loves learning new instruments he so far has learned to play drums, guitar, and base. He is looking forward to the new NFL season and supporting his team the raiders he says that hopefully the raiders can at least make the playoffs. He also supports Fc Barcalona a famous soccer team in Spain, Rogers been a Barca fan since he could start walking he's in love with the team and hell give anything or the team.

He loves taking photos and talking to new people. Rogers main focus is to graduate high school cause now in days many kids don't graduate. He loves talking to his father because is father motivates him to keep trying and to never give up even if its gets hard. He enjoys his mothers food he says its the best food in the world but many kids also say that. He loves reading books and listing to people talk about there day. He loves his younger sister although sometimes she bothers him do much he still likes listening to her and her point of view. He feels like this world would be boring if we all thought the same. He says that chaos is what makes the world learn from there mistakes although many still don't learn. He loves Mexican food although he's Salvadorian, he says there both good but Mexican take the lead by a little.

He likes watching baseball and basketball although he wont sit and watch baseball for 3 hours straight he thinks its boring but he'll only make an exception for the world series GO DODGDERS. He loves the Lakers he's been watching them play since Kobe started playing for them he thinks that the Lakers are the best team in the league. Roger enjoys fishing with his grandpa and talking about cars with him. But most importantly Roger loves having carne asadas with his all his family and enjoying spending time with them cause he rarely spends time with all his family and when he does he wishes time can stop. He's a huge star wars fan and has watched every movie, show and also has read the comics his favorite super hero is batman because he is himself in bat. These are some of Roger's fun facts.





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Roger Arevalo