Adrian Vasquez
Adrian Vasquez is in his senior year, and will be graduating as of June 2018. He turns 18 in December, and is excited to become an independent adult. He is inspired to enter the film business, and does his best to make his own independent films. He loves to play the guitar and drums. Skating is a hobby for Adrian; although, he only long boards. Academic achievement is one of his top priorities along with having a good time. Adrian loves making new friends with people from different backgrounds and goals. Art interests him. Whether it's paintings, modern art, or film, Adrian enjoys the wonders of creation. Pizza is his favorite food, and water is his favorite drink. He tries to remain healthy (but the pizza isn't helping). Adrian's favorite thing to do at the end of the day is to boil some herbal tea, and play rain water noises in his ears while reading the latest political article.

Adrian Vasquez, Website Editor

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Adrian Vasquez