Kimberly Platas is a 16 year old sophomore who attends Birmingham Community Charter High school(BCCHS). She is a very shy girl when meeting new people but opens up to them when she starts feeling comfortable towards them.

In the fall of 2019, Kimberly joined girls golf and made brand new memories and friends along the way. She had an amazing time enjoying her time with practices and matches that she'll most definitely be in girls golf in her upcoming years at BCCHS.

During her free time, Kimberly likes to enjoy herself by watching shows and movies on Netflix as well as drawing and playing video games. Her favorite types of genre of movies are comedy, romance, action, and adventure. Her favorite shows she likes to watch on Netflix are The Office and Stranger Things. On some days when she's stressed out, Kimberly sometimes draws on her sketchbook where she draws characters from any show, movie, cartoon, or fandom. On the weekends, she likes to play her favorite types of video games and likes to play multi-player with her friends.



Kimberly Platas, Staff Writer

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Kimberly Platas