The Myth of a High GPA

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Isamar Torres and Adrian Vasquez

 GPA: how do three words affect and control what we are going to do with our future?

A grade point average is the total count of a student’s grades throughout a set period of time which is averaged and converted into points. The points can vary depending on the school’s grading system. Birmingham uses a letter-based grading system that does not include +’s or -’s. A student’s GPA is significant in that it is the only way education systems can have an idea of his or her intellectual level. GPA’s are typically stressed when talking about graduation, or college applications. To most, a GPA is what defines a student’s intelligence; however, it’s not as defining as it seems.

A GPA is not something you should always worry about when you are reflecting about yourself. GPA is honestly just a number that tells you your ranking in your classes. If you have a low GPA, or one you wish was higher, it does not mean you are less of an intellectual than people with higher averages. All a GPA is measuring is your activity as a student. This means completing homework on time, and committing information to your memory for exams. Although people with high GPAs may be  good students, being a good student doesn’t always mean you’re an intelligent person.

Many people with a 3.0 GPA or higher usually succeed because they followed rules and guidelines throughout their academic careers that were given to them in high school and college. While many lower GPA students also graduate, they tend to take a year off from college, or don’t go to college at all. They can see opportunities in other things rather than focusing all of their efforts in acquiring a high GPA. Their intelligence can lead them to become more successful than the 3.0 student who focused on getting good grades. Although this may not be the case for all high-achieving students, success is not measured by someone who follows rules, but someone who takes initiative.

Your GPA doesn’t define you as a person, you can can do so many wonderful and get well-paying jobs that do not demand on a 3.0 GPA. For example, many become fashion designers, play in a huge sport league, become a chef, and so much more.

Don’t stress yourself about your GPA, but know you can improve it if you choose. School is very important but your mental health is so much more important. Students shouldn’t accumulate anxiety over their GPA. Enjoy your high school years with your friends and make unforgettable memories, just remember to pass your classes and do your work.