2017-2018 Staff

Helen Rivera

Staff Writer

Helen Rivera transferred from Robert Fulton College Preparation High School to Birmingham Community Charter High School her sophomore year. She takes part as a staff writer for the Patriot Post. Helen chose to transfer because ...

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Lisset Saavedra

Staff Writer

Lisset Saavedra is 15 and a sophomore at Birmingham. She has always been interested in literature, focusing on poems, reading and writing. She discovered a more in-depth love for literature from her past English teachers, and...

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Bryce Gage

Staff Writer

Bryce Gage is a 17 year old in the eleventh grade and a new student to Birmingham Community Charter High School. During his freshman year of high school, he attended Notre Dame Sherman Oaks, and for his sophomore year, he attended...

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Camron Graham

Staff Writer

Camron Graham is a 17 year old student at Birmingham. He has always had a love for writing instilled in him by his family. He's not quite sure what he wants to do with his life quite yet. He yearns for travel and wishes to write...

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Lourenco Medici

Co-Sports Editor

Lourenco Medici is an international student, and a senior at BCCHS. Lourenco is a smart guy who is always trying to explore, find something new. He is from Brazil and he arrived in L.A. in the beginning of the semester to look...

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Salma Ramirez

Staff Writer

Salma is currently a senior at Birmingham Community Charter High School. Her zodiac sign is cancer and she is very interested in astrology. Other interests include, movies, clothes, and hip hop music. Her favorite movies are Clueless,...

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Alejandro Marroquin

Staff Writer

Alejandro Marroquin is a senior at Birmingham Community Charter High School. He is enrolled in the PVA Academy. He is 17 years old and loves sports, both playing and talking about sports. His favorite sport is basketball and his...

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Jonathan Vicente

Managing Editor

Jonathan Vicente is a senior at Birmingham Community Charter High School. He loves to read fantasy books in his free time. He is also very outgoing and loves camping. His favorite author is Rick Riordan. The books he likes include...

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Karina Ruvalcaba

Creative Arts Editor

Karina Ruvalcaba is a senior at Birmingham Community Charter High School. As of right now she's the Vice President for the Literary Journal Club and the Creative Arts editor for the Patriot Post.  She's been involved in extra...

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Michael Hernandez

Staff Writer

Michael Hernandez is currently a senior at BCCHS, and is on the journalism staff for the Patriot Post. He is an avid fan of professional sports, mostly the NFL and NBA. He's enlisted in the military and is awaiting shipment after gr...

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Stacey Sandoval

Staff Writer

Stacey Sandoval is a Birmingham Community Charter High School senior. She transferred from Northridge Academy to Birmingham her junior year and she is a staff writer for the Patriot Post. Stacey is  hoping to be a BCCHS 2018 gra...

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Monserrat Carrasco

Student Life Editor

Monse is a junior at BCCHS, and is in the Digital Media academy. She is the Student Life Editor for The Patriot Post. Ans is currently a part of Junior Council, Feed the Mouth, and Digital Media Club. Some of her hobbies include ...

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Theodore Alevizos

Opinion Editor

Theodore Alevizos is currently a senior and the Opinion Editor for the BCCHS Patriot Post. His name is Theodore, but you can call him Ted, Teddy Bear, Ted Moseby, Ted Bundy, Ted Cruz (you get the point). He has an affinity for Ital...

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Adrian Vasquez

Website Editor

Adrian Vasquez is in his senior year, and will be graduating as of June 2018. He turns 18 in December, and is excited to become an independent adult. He is inspired to enter the film business, and does his best to make his own...

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Isamar Torres

Staff Writer

Isamar Torres, better known as Izzy, is a junior at BCCHS and is in the Digital Media academy. All she does with her life is either paint, read books about anything, or figure skate.Figure skating is something she has been doing...

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Jonathon Eaton

Staff Writer

Jonathon Eaton is a junior at Birmingham Community Charter High school in the CAL academy. He transferred to Birmingham his sophomore year from North Hollywood High School.  Jonathon is usually very energetic and tries to make...

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Maya Wilson

Co-Arts and Entertainment Editor

Maya Wilson is a senior at BCCHS and she is in PVA. She's in journalism and she is working as Art and Entertainment editor.  She's also in Theater Design, Chamber Choir, AP Studio Art, and the Pride Club. Maya chose these classes...

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Gissel Garcia

Co Arts and Entertainment Editor

Gissel Garcia is a 16 year old junior that attends Birmingham Community Charter High School.  She is the Arts and Entertainment Editor for the Patriot Post. She loves to be called "Gigi" and this nickname has followed her thro...

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Ruby Castillo

Managing Editor

Ruby Castillo is a senior at BCCHS and is the Managing editor for The Patriot Post. She has a great interest in the Culinary Arts, in fact she is currently in the Culinary Arts program at BCCHS. When she graduates from High sch...

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Destiny Taufahema

Co-Sports Editor

Destiny is a 16 year old Gemini at BCCHS in the CAL academy for her junior year. A Polynesian girl who always gets mistaken for Hawaiian or Samoan but she's really Tongan, yes they are similar but they are completely different...

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Denise Reynoso


Denise is a senior at BCCHS and is Co-Editor-in-Chief with Hadaasa Nae for the Patriot Post. She has a strong passion for writing, and it is a stress reliever for her. A lot of her writing comes from the music she loves to liste...

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Hadaasa Nae

Co Editor-in-Chief

Hadaasa is a Junior at Birmingham Community Charter High School. Her hobbies include: reading, binge watching YouTube, and writing about the latest news. Hadaasa is currently one of the Editors-in-Chief for the school online...

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