Toxic train derailment in Ohio became an environmental disaster. (photo: Wikimedia Commons)

2023 Toxic Train Derailment in Ohio Becomes Environmental Disaster

Maria Gonzalez , Website Editor March 21, 2023

On February 3, 2023, a train was derailed from its tracks in East Palestine, Ohio around 8:55 pm EST.  A Norfolk Southern freight train containing 38 cars of hazardous material derailed. This became a...

The new bathrooms being prepared during the 400s construction project. (photo: Daniel   Gomez (11))

400s Construction Delayed Due to Consecutive Atmospheric Rivers Hitting Southern California

Anastacia Garcia , Staff Writer March 17, 2023

In mid-December, Birmingham became more active due to the new bathrooms and classroom construction project. If students pass by the 400s, they can see the improvements in the construction over the past...

Vivienne Westwood Worlds End in London, England (photo: WikiMedia Commons)

Fashion Designer and Political Activist Vivienne Westwood Leaves a Lasting Legacy

Kristy Pinedo, Managing Editor March 17, 2023

Mrs. Vivienne Westwood, who had a long and illustrious career in the fashion industry, sadly passed away on December 29, 2022, at the age of 81. Everyone involved in activism knew they had lost one of...

Is this the future of AI? (photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Microsoft Bing AI ChatGPT: The AI of the Future Is Here Now

Sean Torrejon, Senior Columnist March 13, 2023

ChatGPT is an advanced chatbot software that was developed by OpenAI on November 30, 2022. The company is made up of 375 employees and Open AI Chief Executive Sam Altman thinks that OpenAI has managed...

Opening Rose Parade float (photo: Maria Gonzalez)

2023 Rose Parade Thrills Crowds in Pasadena Between Winter Storms

Maria Gonzalez , Website Editor February 28, 2023

On January 2, 2023, the city of Pasadena started off the new year with its annual New Year's parade followed by a football game. This world-famous event is famously known as the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl...

The P-22 Celebration of Life was held at the Greek Theatre with a great view of the surrounding Griffith Park--P-22s home. (photo: Jade Baxendale)

P-22 Mountain Lion Tribute Sold Out at the Greek Theatre

Jade Baxendale, Editor in Chief February 24, 2023

P-22, the famous mountain lion who touched the hearts of many, was unfortunately euthanized on December 17, 2022. According to the National Park Service, P-22 had started acting strangely, so biologists...

The aftermath of Hurricane Ian (photo: Flikr)

Fort Myers and Florida Are Still Recovering from the Hurricane Ian Aftermath

Joseph Mata, Staff Writer February 9, 2023

On September 28, 2022, Hurricane Ian greatly impacted Florida as it came ashore as a category 4 hurricane that caused significant destruction and left many people without homes. Days before Hurricane...

Elon Musk speaking about Twitter (photo: Creative Commons)

Elon Musk Aggressively Takes over Twitter

Maria Gonzalez , Website Editor January 26, 2023

Elon Musk is a multi-billionaire who is very well known for his association with Tesla. Musk is highly intelligent and is the CEO of SpaceX, Tesla, Neuralink, the Boring Company, and now the owner of Twitter....

Sam Bankman-Fried, founder of FTX
Photo from Wikimedia Commons

The Rise and Fall of FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried

Sean Torrejon, Senior Columnist January 20, 2023

FTX, also known as Futures Exchange, has filed for bankruptcy after losing approximately $8 billion of profit and earnings. The former CEO, founder, and face of the company, Sam Bankman-Fried, has resigned...

Damages from Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico (photo: Creative Commons)

Hurricane Fiona Hit Puerto Rico Five Years After Hurricane Maria

Maria Gonzalez , Website Editor December 1, 2022

As hurricane season (June 1 through November 30) continues to wind down, devastating disasters have hit the Caribbean. Just five years after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, the island was hit by another...

Kevin de leon speaking in 2012 (photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Los Angeles City Council Scandal Rages On With Kevin de Leon

Jimena Palomo, Arts and Entertainment Editor November 29, 2022

In November 2022, Los Angeles City Council members Nury Martinez, Gil Cedillo, and Kevin de León went through tremendous criticism after the racist audio obtained by the Los Angeles Times was uploaded...

New Vending Machines Are a Runaway Success!

Edgar Blackmon, Photography Editor October 28, 2022

Recently at Birmingham Community Charter High School, we received new vending machines. The school has changed its vending machines by upgrading its items, and the new snacks are well-liked by the students. I...

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