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The student news site of Birmingham Community Charter High School

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Cartoon image depicting a common tragedy. (Image: Flickr)

Israel-Palestinian War Continuing in Gaza Draws Worldwide Protests

Cristina Medina, Staff Writer April 17, 2024

October 7, 2023, sparked the biggest break in tension between Palestine and Israel and this conflict is still a major issue today. Months later, both sides have fired back and forth at each other and this...

MInimum Wage Statistics (image: Wikimedia Commons)

California Minimum Wage Increases for Chain Fast Food Workers to $20/Hour

Brianna Alvarado, Staff Writer April 11, 2024

The news of the minimum wage raise for California chain fast-food workers caused excitement and dread. The minimum wage has increased from $16 an hour to $20 an hour. Many low-wage workers having difficulty...

East Coast Migrant Buses (image by: Wikimedia Commons)

Migrant Buses from Southern Border in Texas Sent to Northern Cities Across the United States

William Del Toro, Staff Writer April 9, 2024

Increasing public awareness and education about the consequences of illegal migration, the importance of legal immigration, and the available pathways for legal migration can help dispel misconceptions...

Picture of the U.S Capital building in the District of Columbia. (Photo: Creative Commons, Ted Eytan photographer)

Iowa Caucuses Dominated by Trump

Bryan Gonzalez, Front Page/News Editor February 16, 2024

On January 15, 2024, the Republican caucuses in Iowa kicked off as the nation held its first presidential nominating contest for the 2024 election. This race means a lot for Republicans because this is...

A temporarily closed BCCHS Boys Bathroom. The sign above it reads considerate.(photo: Maximiliano Vazio 12))

Is There a Security Issue at the Boys Bathroom?

Maximiliano Vazio, Opinion Editor December 5, 2023

The bathroom situation is actively changing.  With security being added, bathrooms are closing. There are reasons for the decrease in open bathrooms. Rules must be enforced but is B.C.C.H.S (Birmingham...

A group of UAW members striking besides the Suzallo library in Seattle. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

President Biden Historically Joined Striking UAW Workers in Michigan

Bryan Gonzalez, Front Page editor November 16, 2023

On September 26, 2023, the United Auto Workers (UAW) started a strike protesting their low and stagnant wages. President Joe Biden showed his support for the UAW workers and he made history because he...

Mr. Davis listening to his former students during the tribute in his honor. (photo: Ingrid Flamenco(12))

Larry Davis, Former BCCHS Math Teacher, Honored by Over 100 Past Students

Ingrid Flamenco, Editor-In-Cheif October 26, 2023

Larry Davis is a retired math teacher who taught at Birmingham for 33 years. Before becoming a teacher, he served in the U.S. Army for two years. Afrter serving and while teaching, Davis traveled all over...

Houses destroyed in Mauis wildfires (photo: Wikimedia commons)

Wildfire Destruction in Maui a Direct Result of Climate Change

William Del Toro, Staff Writer October 26, 2023

The cause of wildfires in Maui, like any other wildfires, was influenced by various factors, including climate change. Climate change can contribute to the occurrence and severity of wildfires through...

Stop It app by 
(photo: Brianna Alvarado (11))

The STOP IT App Works at BCCHS to Help Keep Students and our Campus Safe

Brianna Alvarado, Staff Writer October 16, 2023

Does the app Stop It really work?  Stop It is an app that was created to help schools be safe places for students, teachers, and staff. Stop It is used to anonymously report inappropriate actions that...

Golf team practicing  at Van Nuys Golf Courts(photo: Richard DeFranzo BCCHS Teacher)

Mr. Richard DeFronzo is the New Boys and Girls Golf Coach

Mayra Vargas, Sports Editor October 10, 2023

Mr. Richard DeFronzo, a long-time Birmingham social studies teacher, has taken on the additional role of being the boys and girls golf coach. DeFronzo has taught at Birmingham for the last 15 years, teaching...

New ASB advisor Ms. Caitlyn Knudtsen

BCCHS’ New ASB Advisor, Ms. Caitlyn Knudtsen

Cristina Medina, Staff Writer October 6, 2023

Fun spirit weeks, exciting pep rallies, and school dances are all here at BCCHS thanks to the ASB team. ASB uses the resources of all their staff including the ASB advisor to progress. The ASB advisor...

A view through the fence at the construction project in the 400s area of campus. (photo: Anastacia Garcia (11))

When Will the New Classroom and Bathroom Projects Finally Open At BCCHS?

Anastacia Garcia, Managing Editor October 2, 2023

For the past two years, BCCHS has had two major bathroom constructions. One of them is the construction near the softball/baseball fields, and the other one is located at the end of F and G halls in...

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