Non-Biodegradable Trash is Contributing to Climate Change

Plastic floating in the ocean
November 17, 2020

Pollution is one of those problems we can’t ignore. Despite the quarantine, not everything is shut down and consumers are still able to buy products. Factories are still making products for consumers...

The Harmful Effects of Eating Animals

A herd of cows standing in a line
November 17, 2020

Do you recall the last time you were lied to and how it affected you? Now, imagine being lied to for your entire life, where that lie not only affected you, but it also affected the lives of others. We,...

Is Halloween Safe to Celebrate in 2020?

Halloween Jack-o-lantern
October 27, 2020

One major topic currently being discussed across the United States is whether or not Halloween will be celebrated. With 2020 being a year full of awful things, why not just shove Halloween into this disappointment...

America’s Minority Communities Confront Racism Daily

Minorities fighting for change in America.
October 21, 2020

Problems about race have always hurt the world and created a lot of hate. In all the countries that have problems with race, it is always negative and it always divides the people. Currently, in America,...

Xenophobia and Racism Toward the Asian Community

Hundreds of Chinatown residents protesting against racism toward the Chinese community in San Francisco, California.
October 13, 2020

An ongoing issue the United States has had is racism. It is something that no matter how much we try to educate others, they’re too stubborn to understand how morally wrong their beliefs can be. In this...

America’s Dangerous Divide in 2020

A visual representation of the United States being divided
October 13, 2020

In a nation built on unity, we are dangerously divided. America has seemingly turned into two drastically different sides at war with one another. A lack of sufficient governing has resulted in a divided...

Racism, Homophobia, and Sexism Are Big Problems in the United States

The following image represents discrimination.
 Image credit: Airbnb
October 4, 2020

Discrimination is a pressing issue that we still have today in the United States. It’s sad to see that many people get heavily judged by how they look or their sex or religion or what they do in their...

Saving Wildlife During a Global Health Crisis is Important Work

An elk in the wild
September 29, 2020

Wildlife conservation is the type of work that has no end. It revolves around time and the actions we as humans create.  Human existence has only continued to grow as we fill out the lands and build over...

Racism or Heritage? What Does the Confederate Flag Really Stand For?

A sign comparing the Confederate flag to the Nazi flag. Symbols of heritage or of racial hatred?
September 16, 2020

In the South, you can see Confederate flags flying high, on many people's cars, and many other places. For many years, people have claimed the Confederate flag is a symbol of racism and pro-slavery while...

Leaving Neverland Documentary Asks Disturbing Questions

Michael Jackson responding to allegations of child molestation
April 17, 2020

 Who hasn’t heard of Michael Jackson and his music? I mean who hasn’t heard Thriller? Michael Jackson, who has left a legacy of music, has also left a mystery.  On January 25, 2019 the documentary...

Racism Spreads Along With the Coronavirus

COVID-19 has now spread around the world.
March 31, 2020

The Coronavirus is known to be a family of pathogens that cause respiratory illness in birds and mammals that spread into other species, including humans. It broke out in the city of Wuhan and the virus...

Panic-Buying and Traveling During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Panic-Buying and Traveling During the Coronavirus Pandemic
March 27, 2020

Pandemics have always been common throughout our world's history, killing people left and right. What's so different about this Coronavirus pandemic? The level of greed throughout our global economy...

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