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Chance Brignac, Staff Writer

Chance Keimar Brignac is currently a 16 - year - old  junior born and raised in California, who attends Birmingham Community Charter High School. Chance  considers himself, a  student athlete who has  loved sports since a young age , in his first two years of high school  he has participated in running track and playing football for Birmingham. Outside of sports , his hobbies predominantly consists of  more working out and writing poetry , he enjoys late night walks , listening to all kinds of music , watching horror movies and hanging out with his friends and family. Chance lives, with his older sister , younger sister and niece and nephew , a family he holds close to his heart and loves very much. His priorities are the same as most family's on a Thanksgiving day which are  Family , Football and Food.

Chance's goal , is to first finish high with an high enough GPA to get into a college of his choice. A dream of his is to  attend Washington State University and study for his Master's.  Outside of school , Chances life goals very from wanting to  go parachuting  when he's 21 , to making his first million dollars. Chance's  plans to achieve these goals , are  to  to stay true to himself and the people who love him and keep a proactive mindset and to ask for help when needed.

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