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Nestor Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Nestor is a 17 year old kid in his senior year who attends Birmingham Community Charter High School. His dad is from El Salvador and his mom is from Mexico.  Nestor has had an eventful life. His hobbies include hanging out with friends, playing basketball at the park, and watching Netflix shows. His favorite food is In n Out as he's constantly there once or twice a week. He has two sisters, one being older and the other is younger. He lives with his mom, stepdad, and his little sister. Nestor is a very nice and funny kid, as he is never really mad and he always walks with a smile on his face. His favorite color is blue and he is really fascinated in cars.

After high school, Nestor's plans are to go to a two- year community college. He is planning to attend Pierce College. After he is done with his two years at Pierce,  his plan are to transfer to CSUN. Nestor wants to major in business management and his goal is to get his real estate license.

Nestor is inspired to get his real estate license because his dad also has his real estate license. In addition, Nestor wants to invest in stocks and have a food business in the future. Nestor is very determined to have multiple incomes to be financially stable--so his family could be well-off.






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