Henry Yeom
Henry Yeom is a senior in the Digital Media academy at BCCHS. He is the Managing Editor for The Patriot Post. He has been very adept in math and science throughout the majority of his school career to the point where he would purposefully handicap himself to make each class more exciting with higher stakes, but the same reward. His success came to an end at junior year as there was more pressure with more factors to consider. He can no longer solve problems like before with confidence, but questions himself obsessively taking everything into consideration. It led to numerous recent errors throughout his math-related work, but as his math and science scores went down, his literary comprehension went up. He has now become a fanatic in writing and playing with story mechanics, someone who wants to push stories to the limit--where people would feel something when reading instead of just senselessly reading because they have to. He's also in the process of writing a novel.

Henry Yeom, Managing Editor

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Nov 21, 2016
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Henry Yeom