2014-2015 Boys Lacrosse Team


Antonio Castellon

(Left to right) Jonathan Veliz, Erik Garcia, Julio Larios, Alejandro Magana, and Luis Delgado.

Martha Lopez, Staff Reporter

Erik Garcia, the Varsity Boys’ Lacrosse Team captain for 3 consecutive years, is expecting a great year for this upcoming Lacrosse season.When asked what he expected for this season, Erik said he is expecting a lot of wins and feels it will be “the best year so far.” Erik also said that this year’s team could be, “the best team we’ve had in the program’s history.” The Lacrosse season is expected to start the last week of February. Erik hopes to start the season off with their rivals, the Dolphins from Palisades Charter High School.

The team began practice this past summer, in the first week of June. In order to further their Lacrosse skills, some of the boys have also played on different club teams this summer. In addition to practicing, the team has been preparing themselves for a successful season by doing a lot of team bonding. Some of the activities they do to build a brotherhood- type of environment includes having sleep-overs and work-out sessions. A lot of the seniors on the Varsity Lacrosse team have been together since ninth grade and are very welcoming and supportive of any new members. They are all expecting a great year and hope to have a lot of the BCCHS student body and staff go see them play.