Is Fortnite the Best Game Ever?


Alejandro Marroquin, Staff Writer

In 2011, Fortnite was first revealed at Spike Video Game Awards. It was released on July 25, 2017 for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and MacOS as a paid for early access title. The game has two modes, Save the World and Battle Royale. In 2018 the game was free to play, but only in the Battle Royale mode. The game has became more popular every day and everyone is talking about this game. Fortnite has sold over five hundred thousand digital pre-order copies as of July 26, 2017. The next month they passed over a million players.

In the Battle Royale mode, it’s a 100 people free-for-all where you have to eliminate the remaining enemies to get the victory royale. You begin by riding the battle bus and dropping where you want to land. Once you land, you want to find weapons to kill your enemies. You kill enemies with weapons you have to loot from houses or find chests or supply drops to get weapons. Sometimes you will get good weapons, sometimes you will get bad weapons. If you find a supply drop, you will get a good weapon. Weapons are ranked by color. Gray (common), green (common), blue (rare), purple (epic), and gold (legendary). Gray is the lowest ranked weapon and legendary is the highest ranked weapon. Not all weapons reach high rank. Some weapons go up to common or rare. In this mode, you can build. Building can help you survive gun fights. Building can help you go onto hills or high buildings. In order to build, you need to collect materials like wood, brick, or metal. You can collect these materials by breaking trees and buildings with your pickaxe. What makes the game more intense and competitive is there is a storm in the game. You want to stay away from the storm because if you are in the storm, you will lose health and die. The storm makes the players get closer to each other. You can check your map where is the safe zone to stay away from the storm. To win the game, you have to survive until one remains. The winner gets the victory royale. You can team up and play with your friends. You can play duos and have one teammate or you can have up to four teammates in squads. Playing with your friends makes the game more fun. Plus this mode is free to play. Why not try it out?

In the Save he World mode, 98% of the world’s population is gone because of zombies that are coming from a storm. This mode a has a lot of missions and you can play up to four players in this mode. You can collect resources and built forts to help fight the storm and protect survivors. Players can gain rewards to improve your character and your team. Not a lot of people play this mode because you have to pay in order to play ($39.99) and this mode is not available for mobile phones.

In my opinion, Fortnite is the best game. In my experience playing the game, it’s really fun and exciting because it gets your heart pumping and you get filled with hype and joy when you kill someone. Everyone that plays this game always have their heart pumping from the intensity of the game. Every time I play, my heart gets pumping especially when I’m close to winning the game. I always have fun playing this game–especially when I play with my friends.

Even if you are not good at this game, it’s still fun to try to play. I try to play as much as I can because I love this game so much. If you haven’t played this game yet, what are you waiting for? Go get the game now and play!