I Feel Pretty Movie Investigates Female Insecurities

I Feel Pretty (Movie cover)

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I Feel Pretty (Movie cover)

Desiree Hernandez, News Editor

We all know how insecurity feels, even if we felt it once. We have to go through it at some point. But the only difference is, people deal with it differently. It’s our decision to ignore society or let it get to us, but what about to those who doesn’t care about what society needs to say? What if the problem is you? Do you accept yourself?

If you don’t, a brilliant and loving movie is just waiting for you to see. I Feel Pretty is definitely a movie for you to relate to and maybe feel more confident after watching it.

The film is about a young woman searching for a way to be like other slim women and fit into society.  One day though, she wakes up from a fall and she soon believes that she is the most beautiful woman on the planet; furthermore, she takes it a bit above a limit. She shows off to the world that even though she’s a bit chunky, she still can rock off clothing that only other girls are “allowed” to wear. She believes that when it comes to confidence, there is no limit. But when she shows too much, people start to think differently.

All girls want to feel pretty and appealing, but those who are a bit overweight sometimes decide to do something about their body.  I don’t mean being physically active. These girls go to plastic surgeons and get the bodies they want. Most people agree that it’s not so attractive when a body is not natural, while others think it’s still beauty because they can’t judge people who feel insecure.

Just remember, you’ve done some work on your body, and you’re still beautiful.