Avengers: Infinity War Is This the Last We’ll See of our Heroes?

The Avengers poster with their respevtive factions.

The Avengers poster with their respevtive factions.

Jonathon Eaton and Bryce Gage

Avengers: Infinity War is the movie we’ve all been waiting for ever since the first time we were introduced to the future main antagonist, Thanos The Mad Titan; which previewed in the first Avengers movie back in 2012. Marvel Studios has been teasing this movie with every installment they’ve released across the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Thanos’ master plan was to obtain all 6 infinity stones for his infinity gauntlet, crafted by the King of Dwarves, Eitri. The infinity stones all carry a certain aspect of life that were spread out at the beginning of the universe across space and time. The stones consist of time, reality, space, soul, mind, and power. The big bang then scattered the infinity stones across the universe–showing up in different movies as some sort of weapons of destruction. Only the infinity gauntlet can utilize the power of all 6 stones at the same time giving the host unlimited power.


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The six Infinity Stones and it’s corresponding Color

In the opening scene we see “The Avengers” mightiest hero, The Hulk, easily overcome by Thanos’ hand to hand combat alone. However, his life is spared and Heimdall, the former guard of the Bifrost Bridge in Asgard, sends Hulk  back to Earth to warn the other heroes.

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Shortly after he enters Earth (commonly referred to as Midgard in the MCU) he has a crash landing within Dr. Strange’s Sanctum. Reverted back into the form of Banner, he warns the Doctor and his sidekick Wong about the imminent danger ahead. Strange, proceeds to teleport to Tony Stark asking for his aid in the oncoming arrival of Thanos. At first he is shocked, until he is greeted and comforted by the knowledge of Banner, his friend. Tony fills Banner in on knowledge regarding the Avengers recent disbandment. The floor rumbles and Tony asks Strange a comical remark until they realize the true danger in the streets of New York. The four heroes go out into the streets to help civilians get to safety. You briefly see Strange use the Winds of Watoomb, a power unseen in the solo film which originated in comics.

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Iron-Man and Strange clearing the streets with his powerful source.

One of the Dark Orders ships was stationed on Earth to try and locate the Time Stone. The Dark Order is an alien group of servants loyal to the Titan, Thanos. Peter Parker’s spider sense kicks into action and calls upon the friendly neighborhood hero within him–to do what he does best and save those in need. Iron Man, Dr.Strange, Spider Man and Wong have a monumental battle with two of the Dark Order Members, Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian. This battle resulted in an unconscious Dr. Strange being “beamed up” to a ship as Spider Man said in the movie. Spider Man is then sent way beyond his limit in outer space and slowly losing oxygen. Iron-Man calls upon the Iron Spider suit to catch and assist young Peter. The suit swiftly deploys a parachute to get Spider-Man away from the ship but he chooses to stay on board for the fight ahead in the cosmos.

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Iron Spider suit in action



As the New York battle slowly comes to an end, Bruce Banner contemplates calling Captain America for help. Iron Man is on his way to save the Doctor, as he believes Spider Man is heading back to New York. This new duo meet up inside the ship and are shadowed by Doctor Strange’s Cloak, The Cloak of Levitation.

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Iron-Man, Spider-Man and Doctor Strange
Thor, Groot and Rocket ready for action

About an hour into the movie, The Guardians of The Galaxy are introduced t0 back the story about the uprising of Thanos. Accompanied by Rocket Raccoon and Teen Groot, Thor the hammer-less God of Thunder, is sent on his way to mold a new weapon. Nidavellir is a star occupied by Dwarves, the same Dwarves who crafted Mjolnir and the Infinity Gauntlet. Thor risks his own mortality to gain the power of his new Axe Stormbreaker.

With Thor receiving his new powerful axe Stormbreaker, Starlord and the rest of the guardians travel to stop Thanos from taking the reality stone from the collector. Once they arrive, they see a power hungry Thanos standing over the collector about to kill him, questioning about the location of the reality stone. Drax, filled up with rage as he gets flashbacks to the moment he lost his family and planet to the hands of Thanos. The rest of the guardians try to ease Drax’s emotion before jeopardizing their location until he snaps and try to attack Thanos. In the process Starlord intervenes and stops him, however, its no use as Thanos notices them anyways. So Drax continues his objective snd begins to charge at thanos with mantis following, but Thanos gets rid of them effortlessly turning Drax into cubes and Mantis into a slinky. After Gamora sees her fallen teammates, she confront Thanos in a dramatic battle of father and daughter. Gamora brings out a knife, that was given by Thanos when abducting her from her home planet, and stabs him in the neck. Gamora begins to grieve over the fact she finally killed his only father figure, but Thanos, who was supposedly dead begins to vanish also the collateral damage caused. By their battle showing that he’s had the reality stone this whole time. Gamora looks in confusion and Thanos comes behind her and grabs her by the hair, he threatens her sister’s life if she didn’t comply. Starlord who has been hiding during the whole battle remembers what Gamora told him, that if Thanos ever caught her to kill her. He pulls the trigger to find out Thanos turned the energy beams into bubbles saying “I like you” and leaves with Gamora.

Thanos takes Gamora to his ship while an unpleasant sight of her cybernetic half, Nebula, being tortured horribly. As Gamora hears her screams and feels sympathy for her adopted sister, Thanos tells her to reveal the location of the soul stone, the one he sent her out to do prior to her joining the Guardians of The Galaxy. Gamora denies any information she obtained, but nevertheless, Thanos can see straight through her lies. He calls her treachery by showing Nebula’s installed memory, and plays it back to the moment when Gamora discovered the location of the soul stone.

Thanos threatens Nebula’s life if Gamora doesn’t take him to where the soul stone is, and after hearing Nebula screaming in agony, she finally agrees to save her life. Thanos and Gamora are seen in one of the nine realms, Vormir. They both travel through the dread, dark, and abandoned planet and finally reach the gatekeeper, Red Skull. Red Skull explains how he came to be the gatekeeper for the soul stone, when he tried to hold the space stone back in Captain America: The First Avenger and was sent through the galaxy to serve eternally.

Red Skull informs Thanos that, in order to be in possession of the soul stone, you must sacrifice a loved one. Thanos turns to Gamora with a face full of sorrow as he knows he must murder his favorite daughter and regretfully throws her off a cliff dramatically falling to her death. Thanos finds himself sitting in a shallow lake with the soul stone in his hand adding it to his gauntlet.

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The ragtag team on Titan

Thanos, with only two infinity stones left to gather, ventures to his home planet of Titan to recover the Time Stone from around Dr. Strange’s neck within the Eye of Agamotto. While five of the heroes are planning how to stop Thanos, Strange uses the stone to seek through 14 million possible outcomes and only one leading to the demise of Thanos. The ragtag team of three Guardians and three Avengers make a plan to ambush the god-like Titan. Starting off with a distraction by Strange, Iron-Man plunges a huge lump of metal debris on top of Thanos. Once out of the dust and debris Thanos is attacked by the whole squad using different diversion and combat tactics. The young Spider-Man is able to hold his ground very well against the surprisingly powerful Titan.

The plan is now in motion, Strange has used his Crimson Bands spell to restrict his arm, Spider-Man has used his webbing to keep him steady, Starlord uses alien tech to restrain him as well and Mantis is on atop Thanos’ head using her telekinetic powers to calm Thanos down. With the confirmation of Gamora’s death from Nebula Star Lord, filled with anger and sadness uses his gun to bash Thanos in the face breaking the concentration of Mantis. Thanos wields the gauntlet once more and this time uses it to pull apart a nearby moon and hurlsasteroids towards the heros. Spider- Man is nearly struck while flying through the air but manages to capture and save the unconscious guardians. Tony’s suit begins to run out of nanites to keep him safe and he is struck by his own blade from the hands of Thanos. Strange, with his own plan in mind, gives up the sought after stone to prevent further damage.

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Meanwhile…deep within the mysterious land of Wakanda, Vision is having the Mind Stone extracted and Nomad, Black Widow, Black Panther, Brue Banner, Bucky Barnes, The Falcon and Warmachine are in full force fighting back the Chitauri army at the walls of Wakanda. Just as things seem to get dim for the Avengers, Thor, equipped with his new Axe destroys many of the foe within seconds of a very flashy display.

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After a severe battle with the Avengers and Black Order, Vision is spotted being directly attacked. Shuri and other Wakandan people fight back against the enemies the best they can, but are not able to stop the sheer power by themselves. Thanos knew the perfect timing to come in and claim his stone but he had a run-in with Nomad and some of the other Avengers.

In the back of all the action, Scarlet Witch who is Vision’s lover, was left with the job to destroy the Mind Stone possibly killing Vision. Seconds later, Scarlet Witch blows up the stone and ends the threat. Moments later Thanos, in an epic fashion, uses Dr. Strange’s time stone to go back in time and space to retrieve it, rendering Vision lifeless. With all six of the Infinity Stones, Thanos was officially the strongest being in the Universe. Thor, with even more of his power unleashed, hurls Stormbreaker into Thanos’ chest and flies to him to etch it in more. Thanos looks Thor in the eyes and says “ You should have aimed for the head.” Several suspenseful seconds later Thanos rises up and snaps his fingers ending nearly half of the life in the entire universe. Once half of our most-loved heroes are erased from existence, Thanos goes and watches a sunset to relax.


Fun Facts


The Iron spider suit was given to Spiderman by Tony Stark (Iron Man) as a present when Spiderman revealed his identity in Civil War (Comics)

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Iron Spider comics

In Infinity War, Captain America isnoticeably dressed differently as hes taken a new persona, Nomad, a man without a country

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Nomad Reveal comics

Thors new hammer, stormbreaker is actually one of his most trusted comrades in the comics, Betta Rey Bill

Image result for beta ray bill stormbreaker
Beta Ray Bill figure

Groots final words towards Rocket Raccoon was “Dad!?”

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Groot and Rocket funny comic strip

The Red Skull is supposedly to be the embodiment of death, a love interest of Thanos in the comics and also the reason of his actions

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Thanos and Death and red skull The Infinity Gauntlet has been used by multiple heroes in the comics including Captain America, Black Panther, Spider-man, Iron Man, and Nebula.


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Comic panel of Thanos iconic snap