Arizona Teacher Strike Going Into Second Week


Destiny Taufahema, Co-Sports Editor

Teachers in Arizona have been on strike since Thursday, April 26, 2018. These teachers went on strike causing thousands of schools in the state of Arizona to be closed. The teachers pledged they won’t go back to work until their pay is raised. This will only happen if the legislature approves a proposed budget deal between the governor and the state lawmakers. Only then will the teachers’ pay wage be raised.

This strike is not only for their own individual pay raise, but also for the schools themselves. They believe the schools need funding to improve the students’ learning experience. Officials see it but the state only cares about the state testing because they’re being paid, but the teachers and schools aren’t.

This strike is known as the #RedForED movement. Teachers and supporters have gathered at the State Capitol, continuing to rally, and this has been going on for almost a week. It is completely understandable why these teachers are going on strike. Since they have their own financial responsibilities, their income is very important to them and their own families. Also, this issue is very important to the students of these teachers affected.

The students have all been on an extended break, so that asks the question, how is this strike affecting those students? Individually this may cause problems for many parents/guardians who rely on these schools to be a caring place for their children while they go to work. Students in middle school and high school grades might be less affected from this physically, because they can take care of themselves. Yet this is still taking their education away from them.

People against the #RedForEd movement believe supporters of the movement are greedy and they accuse these teachers of being ¬†‘terrorists.’ Many of the people against the protest are parents who are offended at the fact that their children’s education is being taken away from them. This movement affects not only the teachers income but the parents of these children too since they may be calling off work to care for their children at home.