Annabelle, the Revamped Chucky


Sadie Winterer, Editor in Chief

The new horror movie Annabelle,  or rather an intro to Halloween movies, is a prequel to The Conjuring. Annabelle is a classic Halloween movie to set off into the new season of Autumn. The predictable plotline gave the movie an edge of humor as audiences laugh when the demon possessed doll first comes into picture.

This “horror” film features a doll possessed by a demon that terrorrizes

The big difference between Annabelle and any other “Horror” film was the suspense, and SPOILER ALERT the devil appears. I wanted to look away, but just like our unfortunate heroine, there’s no way out. It was intense.

Annabelle was the kind of horror film where the door would slowly creak shut verses slamming shut. It used the kind of mentality of how much scarier it is to have parents come in close to whisper into the children’s ears rather than yelling at them when they were in trouble.

I liked the movie. It has a lot of jump scares, not a lot of gore. It has a thin plot that goes no where, however, Annabelle didn’t use any cheap shots, and by that I mean it didn’t use any scary music when nothing was going on.