Birmingham’s Homecoming Dance


Trintiy Piedra

Maariyah Ford, Arts & Entertainment Editor

The homecoming dance was held inside the main gym at 7:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. on Saturday, October 11th.  The dance was very popular with over 730 people attending and students initially had to be patient because of the long line to get in. There was pop, hip – hop, dubstep, Spanish, and many more music varieties offered by the DJ.  There were a couple of conga lines and a couple of people who were crowd surfing.  Joyous, laughing students packed the MPR and danced the night away.

As the night went on, the stage began to become packed with heels and handbags.The men were looking very sharp in their suits while the ladies were looking lovely in their dresses. A wide variety of dresses were on display and the ones that were attention grabbers were a black velvet, sleeveless turtle neck dress that goes all the way down to your feet and a grey pencil skirt with a grey bralette.  The crowd sent their congratulations to Erik Garcia as King and  Sara Zhobin as Queen.

“The dance was fun but maybe a little too dark,” says Katherine Vinueza.

The homecoming dance  was a little too dark, but students were still able to see the way the balloons were hung. It was lovely  how the dance theme was Footloose and the fact that most of the ladies dressed the theme. It was  also nice how the students were provided a second room they could just sit and relax or just get some food and drinks. A lot of students from other schools attended  our school dance. It was just an amazing night.