Justin Bieber Eating Burrito Sideways was a Hoax

Yes Theory exposes Justin Bieber eating burrito sideways was a prank.

Yes Theory exposes Justin Bieber eating burrito sideways was a prank.

Helen Rivera, Front Page Editor

“Justin Bieber” eating burrito wrong.

About a month ago a picture of Justin Bieber biting into the middle of a burrito broke the internet. Many news outlets and websites reported on this photo. It also went trending #1 on Twitter for a while. People seemed so bothered by the fact that he ate a burrito this way, that even the media cringed that he bit right into the middle. It was talked about for a long time, and people even started a challenge of eating a burrito down the middle and said it was virtually impossible because it created too much of a mess.

People then started to contemplate whether this was actually Bieber, and his fans noticed differences in his features and some tattoos were missing. Others were very confident that it was him and that it was the famous Justin Bieber.

The truth is that the internet and media have been fooled by YouTubers and thousands of people bought it.  The YouTubers who set this photo up did it on a channel called YES Theory. It is a YouTube channel made up of a group of guys that express to their subscribers that they should live life to its fullest– saying yes to things can get you amazing lifetime experiences.

They create a lot of new content and this time they decided to try and test the media. They mentioned that nowadays the media believes almost anything that is put out there and the public can easily be fooled. The first step that they took to make this prank is contacting a Justin Bieber look-alike named Brad Sousa. He immediately agreed to the prank and Yes Theory flew him to LA from Canada. Once Sousa arrived in LA they started to pitch ideas on what to prank the media with. They finally decided that the best idea would be having him bite into a burrito the wrong way.

Brad Sousa, Justin Bieber look a like.

They bought a burrito at Chipotle, headed over to a park, and purposely took a picture and uploaded it to Reddit. About a few hours later, the picture started blowing up on social media. The next day, every news outlet had reported on it.

About a month later, Yes Theory came out and made a video explaining the whole thing. It made the internet laugh and taught a lesson on not being so gullible.