Broly Rages His Way into Theaters with a New Dragonball Movie


Dragonball Super Broly movie poster.

Joshua Campos, Staff Writer

Broly seen kicking some butt.

Broly, a fan favorite non-canon Dragonball Z character has made his way into a fourth movie. Although, with this movie being a reboot of Broly, (now making him canon), this film ties him officially into the Dragonball Super universe. When fans heard that Broly was back, canon, and stronger than ever, fans could not wait to see him in theaters. The hype has been building up since the movie was announced, and now it’s here and it did not disappoint. With all sorts of action and an in-depth background to Broly, we get the best Dragonball Super film to this date! The film leads with a new animation style that looks smooth on each character, and with some fights being in a form that you have not seen before.

The movie starts off with an in-depth look to the background of both the Saiyans and Broly. A few changes were made from the original story; the movie showing how Frieza got into power, why Broly has an immense power level, and that Bardock (Goku’s father) does not have his future-seeing ability. Within 30 minutes of an origin story that still keeps you interested in the movie, it gets right to the point. Ten minutes into the movie, Broly is already on Earth with Frieza and his dad, all looking for a fight. First, Broly starts with Vegeta who he seems on par with, until Broly pulls out a sort of new form that completely wrecks Vegeta. The fight between Broly and Goku is next, which will leave you screaming for more when it is over. The downside is that Broly does not scream his famous line “Kakarot!!” –which is Goku’s birth name given to him by his real parents.

Broly seen in his legendary super saiyan form.

New types of fighting animations were used, which even made you feel like you’re in the movie. New abilities seem to pop up that we have never seen before, with Goku’s super Saiyan god power–in which he uses physics and his power to stop Broly in his tracks. Broly then copies himself to his advantage. After a while Frieza decides that he wants to see Broly turn into a super Saiyan just like Goku and Vegeta. He then decides to make him go into a rage by killing the one thing that Broly cares about, his father. With his father dead, Broly screams as if he has lost everything he has ever cared about, and finally turns into a super Saiyan.

A look at Gogeta in the film.

Broly seems to be so powerful that not even Vegeta and Goku teaming up can stop him, so they resort to a new method, Gogeta. Gogeta is the fusion of both Goku and Vegeta, and being even more powerful than Broly they almost kill him. Although Broly is wished away as he is pure of heart, all in all, Dragonball Super Broly is an excellent film. This film is recommended by both fans of old and new, even non anime fans. A definite must watch.