Are Advisories a Waste of Time?


Martha Lopez, Staff Reporter

When you google the definition of the word ‘advisory,’ the first result that comes up is, ” having or consisting in the power to make recommendations but not to take action enforcing them.” Now the key words in this first definition is ‘not to take action enforcing them’ and that is most likely what is happening on Tuesdays during advisory. Teachers are spending 34 minutes on Tuesdays to give students guidance on various topics regarding students’ futures, whether it is in the near or distant future. Whether students are taking taking up the advice and putting into practice the skills that they are learning, that’s on them. So, are students really benefiting from these advisory periods? Are teachers really teaching the criteria they are told to teach? Gabriela Renderos and Matteo Jimenez, both seniors, were interviewed about their opinion of advisories.

Do you believe advisory on Tuesdays is necessary? Why or why not?

“Advisory is necessary in the sense of seniors getting organized for college. it also gives time for others to catch up on homework or to ask others for help on uncompleted homework.” -Gabriela

What material are you learning in your advisory class?

“I am learning how to write resumes and cover letters. There are worksheets I have completed regarding  college questions.” -Matteo

Do you believe that what you learn in advisory will benefit you now or in the future? Why or why not?

“I don’t believe it will help me, but it’s a good preparatory class to help guide us on what we are suppose to do.” -Gabriela

Did you find advisory beneficial last year?

“I feel as though advisory was beneficial in the simple sense that credits came in hand, helping me complete my junior year.” -Matteo

Whether you believe advisory is necessary or not, the school has to have it in the schedule because it was signed off in the charter agreement. It is helping a lot of students get the elective credits they need, but whether people actually find it beneficial or if teachers are actually following the criteria, depends on who you talk to regarding the subject.