Is Birmingham Haunted?


Maariyah Ford (supplied)

Maariyah Ford Arts & Entertainment Edtor, Nadine Baer Opinion Editor

Birmingham Community Charter High School was originally a World War II hospital in 1944. Thousands of soldiers were treated here and many died from gangrene. The hospital was soon turned into Birmingham High School in 1953 and  later changed from LAUSD to a community charter high school. It is now 2014 and rumors have it that our school is haunted by patients of the old hospital.  The old gym, the MPR, and the pool are the top locations with the most ghost sightings.

“I went to the MPR a couple weeks ago around 6:00 p.m., alone, and a hand banged on the door. I went to check if another custodian heard, but no one heard or saw,” a night custodian explained to me.

“Another time it was 8:00 p.m. in the old gym’s restroom. I heard a thump from above, and nobody was there.”

” Thursday October 9th, I saw shadow-man ( a name he made up for what he saw) walk by as he was vacuuming,” he also explained to me.

Other workers began to explain the experiences they ‘ve had with the school, like hearing a girl scream while no one is on campus. Custodians always try to disprove each account. There was once a cold breeze in the boys gym, even though it’s always warm in there. Once, a  custodian was turning all the lights off and saw a white figure. He said it feels like someone is pushing you when you turn the lights off.

So tell me, do you think our school is haunted?