State and National Champion Wrestler Lakiyah Wagoner

Katherine Oyebobola, Staff Reporter

Meet Lakiyah Wagoner, an 11th grade varsity state and national champion, and the girls’ wrestling team captain at BCCHS. Ever ask how the people we know got to where they are now?   After a recent interview with the champion herself , Lakiyah went into detail about how she got into the sport and said,  “At first I wanted to join football; Joining wrestling was accidental because one day as I was walking to class, I bumped into one of the wrestling coaches, and he talked to me about wrestling as well as mentioning that I should join the team. My options were between joining a regular PE class or joining a sport which is what I did because I preferred joining a team over a period of swimming.”   When asked what it was like to practice with boys and girls, she responded, “Boys and girls don’t have mixed practices.”  When asked about her regrets on joining the team she stated that she does not  regret joining.  She replied,” looking forward, no I don’t because we’re like a big family here… looking back, I might have changed my mind.”

Wagoner goes to practice every day, and even if she misses a day of class, she does not miss a day of practice because of her drive to excel as an individual as well as being known as a determined and  accomplished team captain. Her drive to succeed daily pushes her to work harder because she knows she can do more.” During practice, I’m an aggressive captain, because I want the girls to improve. I’ll definitely push the girls, when they get lazy,” stated Lakiyah. “I especially get on them when I know what they can do.” When it comes to practice, nothing makes Wagoner happier than to see progress happen in herself and the team. When talking about what’s new with the team, Lakiyah brought up that there is a new girls’ wrestling coach.  In addition there are  more boy and girl wrestlers this year.

According to Lakiyah, “This year I’d really like to see changes with the team. Something that I would like to see changes in is the girls’ attitude towards weight lifting and practice.” I’d also like to have more girls come in for practice. That’s one thing I would definitely say needs to change.”  In addition to changes, the girls’ team finally got a female coach, Coach Ignacio.  This is a new change because now the girls have someone else to talk to when I’m not at practice the full hours due to tutoring. I’m going to admit sometimes when I’m not at practice, I’ll go to tutoring to make sure I’m doing well in any or all classes. As a result of going to tutoring, I feel great knowing I’m doing well academically, as well as an athlete.”

Talking about future goals, Lakiyah feels college is definitely a must. As long as it’s not in the south, I’m pretty sure I’ll be happy because I don’t want to be too far from home.” “When thinking of colleges,  Lakiyah says she sees herself attending a school like Colorado State University because of the wrestling team there. When I asked her how her ring feels on her finger, she replies with,  “empty, I need more.”  Lakiyah would love to see other girls win rings and go up to nationals, just as she have.