Global Warming Keeps Getting Worse


Steven Alvarado, Staff Writer

Will we be able to still live in our home on earth for much longer? Global warming is the long-term effects that result from the rise of average global temperatures. It’s happening everywhere in the world.

Greenland’s ice sheet covers 80% of the surface of Greenland. Over 250 gigatonnes of ice was lost each year from 2002 through 2016, according to the NOAA. The ocean is getting warmer. The Amazon Rainforest is on fire.

According to an article from, if warmer oceans keep happening, then more powerful storms will impact sea life such as coral, fish, and marine animals.  Higher temperatures and more droughts will result if global warming keeps getting worse and all of these disastrous weather patterns will make the earth uninhabitable.

There is no other planet to live on. Planet earth is our only home. Scientists must figure out how we can stop global warming so every human can live and be safe.

A senior on campus, Raul Perez, was asked some questions about this topic. He thinks global warming is a bad thing and we should try to avoid it by doing everything we can to stop the things that cause it. He hopes that no one in the future will lose something valuable because of global warming. He hates having bad thoughts about people dying or nature being wiped out or eliminated. Perez doesn’t want to live on a planet that is being ravished by its inhabitants, and he doesn’t want to be alive if global warming keeps getting worse.

Global warming from the past 4 years

Another student, Sean Douglas (12), was also asked questions about global warming. Douglas stated that global warming is the scariest thing for him. He thinks we need to stop using materials that cause global warming and have other countries do the same thing. He hopes everyone acts now because he would be upset if everybody had to suffer. Sean hopes things can change soon.

Using technology and renewable energy will be key methods for countries to reverse and stop global warming.