Mental Health and the Battles Students Face


A young student frustrated with too much homework

Steven Mazariegos, Staff Writer

How often do you speak to your children about personal problems? Students often have a lot to deal with at home or at school, but it is mainly at school that students have problems. Why school? It is because they deal with anxiety, depression, stress, and have problems going to sleep. According to (Suicide Prevention Resource Center) the highest-percentage problem comes from stress, as 30% of students in 2019 face stress. There are 50.8 million students in schools across the United States according to (National Center for Education Statistics) and for the 30% of the 50.8 million students who are affected from stress, that large group of students could use some help dealing with and controlling stress and stopping it from becoming worse.

Rosa Garay, a parent at BCCHS stated that “Students always have stress because of school and they worry about failing school and disappointing their parents.  they also have problems at home like family trouble and will take any kind of help”. She believes that it can be turned around by having parents always talking to their children or at school have more psychologist. Most schools only have about four psychologists which is not enough for all students who need help. We need more psychologists to find the signs of stress, depression, or anxiety, because the outcome could be terrible for the students and families.

Araw Reyes (12th grade at BCCHS) says “The main reason why students have so much stress is caused by the pressure they will face when they are out of high school and move on in life”. Araw also say “that the way we can decrease the level of stress is to talk about how they will get there or help plan them out”. This could help and have people become more social so they can have a release. If we manage the levels of stress we can potentially lower stress,they can have an easier future, and they will feel much better.

We have to do everything in power to help with the students to give a release and to talk about if they are going through depression. All schools need to have more than one psychologist at school because not all students will be able to have their voice heard if one psychologist is busy with at least 500 students or more. The students also need to have their parents listen and help them plan out their future so it becomes easier. If students need help with schoolwork, they should ask for help and find out if their teachers have after-school tutoring.

A student stressing out from homework