BCCHS Club Rush 2019–A Huge Success!


Rebecca Castillo, Eric Marcos, and Divialin Lucero representing their club Cirlce of Friends.

Lisbet Hernandez, Front Page Editor

On Thursday September 12, 2019, BCCHS held its annual Club Rush! So, what is Club Rush? Club Rush is an event in which all the school clubs go out to the quad during lunch and try to recruit people into their club. The whole student body had the chance to ask club members any questions they had to get to know what the club is about and signing up if they desired to.  This year, some of the clubs present at club rush were: Knights and Ladies, Circle of Friends, Women Empowerment, Jesus Club, and the new Sneakerhead Club.

Ava Guardino (11)  and Josselyne Berrios (11) representing COPAS.

Club Rush was the place to be on Thursday if you had any slight interest in any club or wanted to simply learn a little about each club. There’s a variety of clubs at school (45!!) that focus on different interests which means that there is probably at least one club that appeals to each and every student at BCCHS. Students that are passionate or interested in fashion should join the fashion club at school, and whoever likes sharing and discussing with others their views on political topics, should join the COPAS club. (Club of Politically Active Students)

There are many more clubs on campus and students that did not join any club should rethink their decision because joining a club brings numerous benefits. To begin with, by joining a club you get to meet a wave of new people and are able to create new friendships. Some of these friendships can turn into strong relationships that have the potential to last a lifetime. Secondly, through joining clubs, many people develop soft skills such as communication, teamwork. and problem-solving. All of these skills are very important in the real world and in jobs and career. Lastly, it will make your high school experience more enjoyable because you will be participating in more events rather than not being in any club and just going every day to school and following the same routine.

Rebecca Castillo(12) is part of both Circle of Friends and Key Club and when she was asked how being part of being a club has impacted her high school journey she said, “Being part of a club has impacted my high school journey, because I got to to meet new people and learn more about them and myself.”  She also said that she recommended people to join clubs because that’s a way students get to meet and interact with new people and gain experience from events you

Andrea W. (11) and Milly S. (11) representing their club, Women Empowerment, at the 2019 Club Rush!

participate in. Castillo also shared that some of the benefits that she’s experienced from being part of a club are: “getting to experience new tasks, making friends, and possibly finding interest in something and making it your hobby.”Students that have been a part of clubs throughout their high school journey have a positive experience and that should motivate people to consider joining some clubs. Once you join a club, you are immediately part of a community. This helps many students navigate high school because it can be difficult to manage being in high school–especially as an incoming freshman.

If none of the clubs on campus are intriguing to you, there is always the opportunity to create your own club.  To create a club, the first step would be to find a teacher that’s willing to sponsor your club. After getting a faculty member to sponser the club, the process of getting your club approved will commence. It should not take a long time to get approval. Once the club is approved, it’s time to start promoting it and recruiting people to join your club.

Hopefully, next year’s students take the time to stop by club rush and learn about the different clubs present at campus and make the decision to be more involved in school. Not only for the benefits that go along with it such as making new friendships and learning new skills necessary in life, but also to be a part of school events that are very fun and full of joy. It would also be satisfying if more BCCHS students took on the role of a leader and created their own clubs, so that the number of clubs will increase and the student body will have more options.  Yet with forty-five clubs now officially approved, Birmingham has one of the most active campuses in the L.A. area as far as student involvement in clubs and sports.