Dear Carson


Carson, Columnist

Q: Dear Carson, How do you manage both academics (Advanced Placement courses specifically), and a social life?

 A: Balance is key. Try balancing out your time between both school and your work outside of school. You should try to prioritize the two. Yes, school is important, but you also need to take a little time out to yourself and enjoy activities other than academics. Try making a schedule, that way you know what time you have planned out for school and, with the time you have left, you can always use it towards your social life! Another idea to better organize your time is to plan out your schedule on an agenda. That way, you can physically see the days that are already occupied and the days you have for free time.


Q: Dear Carson, How do I tell my parents that I plan to move out of state after high school?

A: Try to sit them down and explain your situation. Tell them all the pros of the area you want to move to and how you can thrive in a city away from home. They’re going to have their worries undoubtedly, but if this is your definite plan and you want it bad enough, you can persuade them on anything. I say go for it with complete assurance in yourself and your plan.


Q; Dear Carson, How do I become happy and how do I tell my parents I want to become a dancer?

A: My honest answer is, happiness comes from within yourself; it’s all of what you make from it and how you demonstrate it. As long as you’re happy and you’re living the life you want to pursue, that’s what really matters. I know sometimes we come from different families and cultural backgrounds and sometimes students make decisions or pick unusual career paths to go down, but if we don’t take chances or break the rules, how will we ever find out what will bring us happiness?   What and  how will we become happy?   My point is if you want something bad enough, dive into it with full confidence and determination. I tell you this because focus is the definite key to unlocking any locked door.