Fun and Games at BCCHS Senior Sunrise 2019


Kimberly Sandoval, Senior Columnist

BCCHS seniors had a great time at the annual Senior Sunrise event which took place on Thursday, September 26th. This was the first of many school activities for seniors graduating this year. This school event was held at the newly renewed football field at six in the morning and ended at 8 a.m. Senior council was in charge of the event and provided music and fun activities–including bounce houses which the students seemed to enjoy. A waffle truck was parked outside the football field and gave out tickets to the first 200 students that showed up to claim free waffles. There were many attractions on the field which made this senior event a lot more fun and amusing. 

Senior boys seen having a great time with their friends during the Senior Sunrise
Bounce houses were included for the Senior Sunrise event.

Seniors woke up a lot earlier than their usual waking time to attend this event. Laisha Lopez (12) stated that, “The Senior Sunrise was pretty fun but it was tiring.” She woke up at five in the morning that day to meet up with her friends before the event and ride together to school. Many seniors were seen on the field in the early morning wearing their pajamas and setting up where they would watch the sunrise. Students brought blankets and camping chairs to stay comfortable during the morning. Seniors were seen having a great time and sharing laughs while waiting for the sun to rise. Unfortunately, it was a cloudy morning, which made it difficult to spot the sun but that didn’t stop the seniors from having a good time with their friends and peers.

There were many attractions on the field that made this school event a lot more fun and amusing; which, in turn, led to the students being very active and willing to participate. An attraction that seniors seemed to enjoy the most was the photo booth. Rafael Castro (12) had only positive things to mention about the photo booth. He said, “I enjoyed the photo booth the most because I was able to capture memories with my girlfriend.” There was a line of students waiting their turn to take pictures with their friends. There were many props at the photo booth such as hats and funny sunglasses to take pictures with. Many seniors took advantage of the photo booth and took several pictures to remember their first senior event of the school year.

Students are excited to eat their scrumptious waffles topped with fruits and spread.
A gloomy morning did not ruin the day as Senior Rochelle Sanic is seen having a blast at the basketball bounce house

A waffle truck was parked outside of the football field and gave out tickets to the first 200 students that arrived to the field for free waffles. Many students waited in line to receive their waffles and they topped their waffles off with Nutella, various fruit, and with pieces of fried chicken. The waffle truck was a very enjoyable attraction provided by Senior Council along with the bounce houses on the field. Students were seen competing against each other on the bounce houses. There were three different bounce house attractions. One of the three bounce houses was a basketball hoop game which was the most intense and popular attraction.

The Senior Sunrise event was a very memorable and unique experience.  Students had a great time with all the attractions and enjoyed the time to hang out with their friends. Although waking up early was a hassle for most students, at the end of the day, it was all worth it. BCCHS seniors are really looking forward to more future school activities!