God Exists for Teenagers; Does He Exist for Everyone?


A shining Christian cross in the heavens

Steven Alvarado, Staff Writer

Religion is important for those who believe in god. The faithful pray for things such as their sins to be forgiven, getting a great life, or a better future. When you die, I believe you will go to heaven for staying connected to god.

Non-believers say god’s existence is nonsense or it’s just a made-up thing. What follows then are questions about how, or whether, god created the universe.

There are also changes in beliefs for an individual who believes in god, yet when they ask or pray to god for something like ending gun violence, gun violence keeps occurring or keeps getting worse. That reality will probably make them stop believing in god because nothing is happening.

An atheist, though, may start reading the bible or go to church, making them feel like they are in touch with god. A couple of arguments then can be made about the existence of a god. We have the Judeo-Christian bible. It teaches about events that took place a long time ago in Israel. Jesus was crucified, this is an historical fact.  Christians believe this was ordained as a payment for our sins. His teachings and moral lessons, which live on today, give people hope, preventing most people from committing sins (or leading immoral lives) by embracing Jesus.  One day, the Judeo-Christian bible promises he will return in the “second coming.”

For a god or goddess to be real for most people, there needs to be counterarguments addressed such as “I need to see evidence of god with my own eyes,” or “Why are churches or church history so flawed?”

Benediction of God the Father. IMAGE: Pixabay

Alvin Flores (12) gave this journalist his thoughts: “My family and I believe god exists. Without him, I would have nothing. He’s one of the main reasons why I don’t do bad stuff. I do believe in purgatory, but I digress. Everyone who doesn’t believe should start by being open about something they don’t believe in. I don’t want anyone to get left behind on Earth or go to hell. Another thing people should consider [is] what happens after death. It doesn’t make sense [that] when you die, nothing happens. There’s either heaven, purgatory, or hell. Hell does sound scary. That’s why everyone needs to start being with god.”

Gerado Ibarra (12) also replied to a question about faith in a higher power, “I believe in god, but if no one wants to believe in god, that’s on them. You shouldn’t force someone to believe in something they don’t want to believe in.”

God’s existence is mysterious for many. Whether it’s a good or bad thing, it’s up to each person to decide.