Frozen II: A Perfect Disney Sequel!


Elsa embracing and using her ice powers.

Sofia Lemus, Student Life Editor

(No spoilers in this review!)

The movie that had people counting down the days until it got released is here! The first Frozen was released in back in 2013 and after six long years, Frozen II finally arrived in theaters on November 22, 2019. The first Frozen was filled with twists in the storyline that kept its audience on the edge of their seats. There were so many jaw-dropping scenes that caused people to return to the theaters to see it again and again. Given how well the first Frozen was executed, many people are curious to see how well the second Frozen compares.

Elsa, Anna, Sphene, Christoph, and Credit: Disney

I originally was going to see it on the Tuesday of the same week it came out, but my plans quickly changed when I went to a nearby AMC theatre and found that it was sold out! We then drove to two more theaters and found that the seats were sold out too. After this happened, the people I was with decided to go see it on the next Tuesday.

When Tuesday came, we drove to an AMC theatre and luckily, the theatre had three seats open. We were still very surprised because it was still almost completely sold out.  After all of this buildup, we could not wait to see what the  Frozen 2 experience would bring us.

Throughout the movie, I was met with nostalgia from the last Frozen. They played songs and scenes from the last Frozen and incorporated it into the new movie in ways that contributed to the new storyline–which I thought was really cool.

The new movie provided answers to questions and details in the first movie that definitely left the audience wanting more information. The writers developed the characters in such interesting ways as well. The characters still had the quirky personalities we have grown to love, but they still managed to reveal new layers of depth in the characters. Something that I really appreciated in the movie was the message that the storyline gave–especially with what is going on in the world right now. It’s a message that needs to be heard by all and the fact that they wanted to use the platform to spread such a powerful message was definitely something that added to how much I enjoyed watching the movie.

Overall, I was very pleased when I walked out of the movie theatre. When I left, many people were asking me how good it was compared to the last one, but that was a question I could not answer.

Frozen 2 was a magnificent film in its own way and was, in my opinion, a perfect addition to the first Frozen movie. This is a film I would recommend for everyone to see because of the message it gives and  the entertaining storyline. I also enjoyed the characters’ personalities as well as the new layers of depth revealed in each character.  Go out and see this film!