Become More Environmentally Sustainable While in High School

Become More Environmentally Sustainable While in High School

Nicholas Melendez, Staff Writer

In today’s media coverage, it seems nearly impossible to escape the impending tragedies that have plagued this world. From the rising temperatures and sea levels to the Australian wild fires, the environment has become a social, political, and economic issue.

Images of the rising sea level, carbon emissions, and the polar ice caps melting–all due to climate change.

Global warming and climate change have become an overwhelming issue that has become more prevalent through out the decades. Unfortunately as we enter the new decade, climate change seems to be worse than ever. Technological advancements has allowed social media a more accessible method to bring social awareness of climate change and global warming.

As a high school student myself, it has become apparent that climate change has become a threat to my generation as well as our future generations. We have become an invasive species on our own planet, damaging the environment and pushing ourselves, and many other species, to the brink of extinction. One may think that climate change can only be resolved once a billionaire decides to donate to stop global warming, however this is not the case. We, as teens, have the power to help the environment and our future generations. We have the voice to speak out on these issues. We must not wait for people in power to act upon climate change as we are the driving force to stop climate change. Unfortunately, many high school students are unaware that they have a voice and can act more environmentally friendly in high school.

Fortunately my generation, Gen Z, has become more environmentally conscious as well as starting whole environmental movements around the world. Addressing the issues about the environment is an important way in which we can spread necessary information towards others.

Posting news pieces, or links to articles on social media, can allow those who are unaware of climate change to become informed. Having environmental conversations allows people to be informed and will initiate a desire in them to ultimately want to prevent climate change from happening further.

Introducing more of a sustainable lifestyle or even diet can help the environment. Acts such as unplugging unused appliances as well as limiting water use when showering or brushing one’s teeth, helps the environment. Improving one’s diet can also contribute to helping the environment, as reducing the amount of meats and possessed foods can reduce the emission of green house gasses. Adding more fruits and vegetables to one’s diet can not only benefit the environment, but also one’s health.

We can also reduce the amount of carbon emissions (which is the primary cause of global warming) by using alternative methods of transportation rather than a car. Taking the bus, riding a bike, or even walking to your destination can help reduce the amount of carbon within the atmosphere. Even if its taking the bus once a week or walking to school every other day, it can help in reducing carbon emissions being released in our atmosphere.

Recycling and using non-reusable plastic is one of the easiest ways to reduce the amount of plastic that is plaguing our oceans and marine life. Using reusable totes and bags when shopping for groceries or even clothes, helps the environment. Also consider skipping out on plastic straws, using reusable straws or even not use a straw when eating out at a restaurant as straws can bring respiratory issues to sea animals such as turtles. However, if there is a chance in which one gets non-reusable plastic, cardboard, aluminum, it is best to recycle it instead of it ending up in our landfills.

There are numerous ways that we can stay environmentally friendly in high school–as being informed and educating others is the most important way in which we can end global warming. As a part of Gen Z, it seems as though we are heading toward a more sustainable future, a future that will not only benefit future generations but our planet as well.