The Downside and Upside of 5G vs. 4G


Steven Mazariegos, Staff Writer

Everyone is now talking about 5G and how it is the blazing fast data connection compared to 4G. Here is what you don’t know about 5G yet: it is extremely fast but the the radio frequency is harmful to animals because of the amount of radiation that is being produced. It can cause cancer ( The 5G connection also has problems with its connectivity due to its high frequency and its path to the 5G node cannot be blocked by any objects, even glass or your body. All cell companies have their own versions of 5G data with high frequency but all with the exact same high frequency issues.



T-Mobile has found a way to have 5G connection, but not with the original blazing speed. The only way this can happen is by merging with Sprint to have their connection to make 5G with a low band frequency, and since they have been able to have the merge approved, there will be only three major cell phone data companies ( According to, “In mid-2019, the companies (Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T) announced that mobile 5G is available in six cities, including parts of Atlanta, Cleveland, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and New York. Expect to see T-Mobile 5G in 30 cities in late 2019.” ┬áIn 2020, T-Mobile decided to ditch the high band 5G for the low band to have consistent 5G connection for people all over the city with out losing connection.

5G node vs 4G LTE

5G will be the fastest data connection when it is complete with low band and high band 5G. If you were happy with this new 5G connection and planned on getting it for your current iphone or android, well I got some bad news, you would have to buy a new data plan and buy a new phone with a special chipset made by qualcomm called snapdragon 855 and X5G.

So if you have an old phone without the chipset and new data connection, then you don’t have a 5G phone and if it shows as 5GE(which is by AT&T) or 5G, then it is false.

Finally, 5G will be the fastest and best data connection once there are more nodes to make the connection stronger so you don’t lose connection every second.

In my opinion, 5G will be incredible to have but I think it is not worth it to pay extra for faster data and to buy a new expensive phone. I would rather stay with my old phone and my 4G data plan because it is cheaper.