An Overview of YOU Season 2

YOU season 2 made its return to Netflix on December 26, 2019

YOU season 2 made its return to Netflix on December 26, 2019

Emily Robles, Staff Writer

[WARNING:  SPOILERS AHEAD]  The second season of the American psychological thriller television series You was released on December 26, 2019. The second season starts with the main character, Joe Goldberg, moving to Los Angeles in hopes of leaving his past behind using the pseudonym, Will Bettelheim, as his new identity. In search for a new job, he visits a bookstore/market, where he meets an aspiring chef, Love Quinn. Quinn works as a produce manager in the high-end grocery, Anavrin. Joe manages to get himself a job there and becomes good friends with Love, just when he begins to fall into his old patterns of obsession and violence.

Joe with his infamous smile as he greets his following target.

In the previous season, his obsessive and toxic behavior comes to light when he begins to fall for Beck Guinevere, a literature major at Brown University. He met Guinevere and became good friends with her after her first visit to Mooney’s, the Lower East Side bookstore where Joe worked. He immediately became fixated on her and was eager to mend a relationship. He was anxious to find out everything about her and know her daily routine which leads him to stalk her every day. He later managed to murder her ex-boyfriend, Benji, as well as her best friend Peach, for the sole purpose of having Beck to himself. He quickly made his way into a relationship with Beck up until she discovered his obsession with her. Joe then killed Beck, managed to get away with it, and her death was pinned on someone else. After killing her, he takes flight from New York to LA to start a new life, hoping to leave his murdering past behind him.

Love Quinn and Joe Goldberg in the book cafe, Anavrin.

He arrives in Los Angeles with a new mindset, telling himself he will not fall back into his old ways. Things do not go according to plan when Love takes him on a food tour around the city to get to know him, and he becomes attracted to her. He begins checking her social media, hoping to find out as much as he can about her. He even spies on her while she is out for lunch with friends. He struggles to resist his attraction to Love, as he is genuinely scared he will be of danger to her. They become romantically involved, and Joe accompanies Love to her parent’s wedding anniversary retreat. 

They face a number of ups and downs in their relationship, with true characters being exposed and ex’s coming in the picture. However, this season most definitely ended with an even bigger twist compared to the first season. Towards the end of the season, Joe’s toxic and obsessive behavior is presented to Love. Although Love didn’t run, she appeared to be just as psychotic as Joe. She admits to having secretly killed someone that Joe simply had a sexual relationship with as well as his ex, Candace. Love did not want anyone getting in the way of their relationship, so she murdered anyone that she viewed as a threat. However, Joe loses interest in Love as it is evident that she is not at all who he thought she was. She’s no longer the pure and innocent

Joe setting eyes on Love for the first time.

woman he fell in love with. He attempts to kill her until she lets him know that she is pregnant with his baby. He then agrees to stay with her, excited to become a father. They move into a new house to start their life together, as parents. However, his obsessive behaviors resurface when he sets eyes on their new female neighbor. He peeks through his fence, watches her as she sunbathes and reads a book, and the season closes out there.

It was stated earlier this month that the series has been renewed for another season and it is scheduled to return to Netflix in 2021. Fans of the show were definitely surprised by the sudden turn of events and are eager to see what is to come in Joe’s life with Love, as well as what is going to occur with the new secret neighbor of whom Joe has expressed interest in. The show definitely left on a cliff-hanger, which always keeps fans hooked and excited.