Meet Marjorie Martinez


Marie E. Rodriguez

Marjorie Martinez

Marie E. Rodriguez, Website Editor

Meet your Student Body President, Marjorie Martinez. Martinez is seventeen year-old senior at BCCHS and is also the newest Student Body President for the 2014-2015 school year.  When she first decided to  run for Student Body President she had to admit that she was skeptical. She did not expect to win but wanted to try something new. She made campaigning her number one priority. Her campaigning included  necklaces, candy, cupcakes, and banners. Martinez mentioned that many of her close friends told her not to run because she would never win and was just wasting her time. This only fired her up to become very enthusiastic and passionate about  running for office. Dedication and  time were focus points for her campaigning. When it was announced that she had been elected, Martinez was astonished. “I proved everyone wrong,” was her response when asked about how she felt at that moment. Martinez was ready to take on the challenge and headed into her new position with positivity.

Since her election, Martinez has been very busy. She explained that an average day for her can be described as hectic. Maintaining a 4.0 GPA and the responsibility of  Student Body President does become too much at times for Martinez but she pushes through each day with a smile. Her school day begins with the  announcing of the Pledge of  Allegiance  and the rest of her day consists of  the usual six class schedule. She also involves herself in several other clubs. She is an officer of Knights and Ladies,  Vice President of the French club, and a member of the Be More Heroic club. Along with that, Martinez is in the process of planning life after high school.  Attending UCSD is her main goal. However she still needs to decide between being a nurse or a doctor.

At school, Martinez is always “running around making sure everything is okay.” Off campus, Martinez is just a normal girl. Coming to the U.S. from Mexico just over two years ago, Martinez moved in with her aunt and cousins. She considers herself a twenty-four seven babysitter who looks after her cousins. “When I get home, I am a babysitter. I take care of my cousins and make sure they do their homework and other responsibilities. Then I have to take care of all of my responsibilities.”

Martinez’s home and school life is full of completing tasks and responsibilities. Although it can be overwhelming for her, she truly enjoys what she does. When asked what her favorite part of being Student Body President is, she replied with, “My favorite part of being the president is probably being heard. All of my ideas I can bring up whether people like them or not. I also feel like it is a lot easier for me to talk to the administration. I have a lot more confidence to go up to them and talk about anything.”  Martinez also discussed her goal for this school year. Improving school spirit  was her main concern. It is also Martinez’s last school year at BCCHS and she eagerly shared her thoughts about her senior year. “I think what I will remember the most is the people that I met and the fact that I was the first president who was an ESL student during high school.”  Martinez  has proved that she is a hard-working and zealous Student Body President and person. She plans to continue this journey with a confident attitude and hopes to make her last year at BCCHS a monumental memory.