Teacher Appreciation Week–Our Journalism Advisor, Mr. Hughes!

Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week

Debbie Lawhead, Creative Arts Editor

During this difficult time of a pandemic, the 2019-2020 BCCHS Patriot Post staff is using this teacher appreciation week to honor our very own supervisor and journalism teacher, Mr. Stephen Hughes. Here’s what the staff had to say about our amazing teacher.


“Mr.Hughes is one of the most welcoming teachers you could meet. Originally, I had him for English and he encouraged me to join journalism. He always made sure to encourage me to do my best and improve my writing skills, and with every story I turned in, he never failed to note my improvements and praise me for the effort put into the stories. Mr.Hughes goes above and beyond to encourage his students and pushes us to do the best we can and become successful. He makes sure we know our potential and constantly reminds us of the importance of hard work. Without him, we wouldn’t have the incredible journalism program we have. Thank you, Mr.Hughes.” — Debbie Lawhead, Creative Arts Editor

“Those who know Mr. Hughes know what a sweet, kind, loving person he is. He genuinely cares about all his students and I don’t know one student who has ever complained about Mr. Hughes. I have only had him for my senior year, but right off the bat, he made me feel welcomed into his classroom. He can put a smile on anyone’s face with just a simple hand wave. He made Journalism a class to look forward to. Thank you for all that you do for your students Mr. Hughes! Everyone appreciates you!” –Jeselyn Merino, Staff Writer

“I’ve only known Mr. Hughes for this past year, but I can tell he’s a passionate person who shows relentless care for every single one of his students. His passion for not only journalism, but English and writing, is apparent to anyone who’s ever put a single foot into his classroom. He constantly encourages us to do well, succeed, and write with interest and consideration regarding the story topics we choose. Something that I find particularly admirable about him is the fact that, while he definitely isn’t obligated to, he repeatedly treats his journalism students to food and drinks every class that he can; this just really demonstrates how much heart he has for his job and pupils. Thank you, Mr. Hughes, for helping to make my senior year a great one!” — Stephanie Tran, Website Editor

Mr.Hughes teaching class

“This was the only year I’ve known Mr.Hughes but I’m glad I was given the opportunity to have him as a teacher. He makes his students feel heard, welcomed and appreciated in the little time we get in the classroom. There’s no one more passionate than he is when it comes to voicing opinions, story writing, and caring for his students. Sharing my stories and allowing others to see them was always nerve-wracking but Mr.Hughes never let a student feel insecure about it. Everyone was praised and encouraged to write more, making journalism a class to look forward to. I’m very thankful for being a part of his class and growing as a writer. Thank you for making my senior year a memorable one.” –Rosana Sanchez-Zorrilla, Staff Writer

“I met Mr.Hughes during my senior year and I greatly wish I had had him as a teacher in my earlier years at Birmingham as well. My year with Mr.Hughes was sadly cut short due to Covid-19. However, I appreciate every single moment I shared with him. I looked forward to his class every day that I had it. He makes Journalism so incredibly enjoyable, it’s insane how much love and passion he puts into his class. He has the ability to make Journalism enjoyable to someone who may not even have the slightest interest in the subject. He is driven and genuinely enjoys what he does, which I feel are essential tools to have when being a teacher. He created the perfect environment to learn and grow in. I learned so much about Journalism and I truly could not thank him enough for a remarkable year. I know there was more to learn from him and I can only wish I had those last few months. Thank you for your guidance, Mr. Hughes. Thank you for allowing my writing to grow in your classroom.” –Emily Robles, Staff Writer

“Mr. Hughes is probably the most wholesome teacher I’ve ever had. Never have I ever seen someone truly enjoy being a teacher so much. This year he had 7 classes to teach and although that is surely unavoidably stressful, he always had a smile on his face. Such a tireless and hardworking teacher–he even ran three clubs. But of course, Mr. Hughes wouldn’t be himself if he wasn’t wearing a fresh pair of sneakers while enjoying his job. Thank you for everything Mr. Hughes, thank you for all the food and drinks that you went out of your way to get and thank you for allowing me in your journalism class. Not a thing you did went underappreciated–thank you so much for being you. Stay fresh and keep the heat on your feet!” — Diego Trujillo, Staff Writer

“Mr. Hughes is by far one of the sweetest and most encouraging teachers I’ve ever had. He’s also always been the most relatable teacher I’ve ever had. He’s taught not just me, but anyone who walks through our Journalism class–not just how to conduct interviews and be a student-journalist, but also how to take in news, which is an important thing to know in our new world. He’s always so funny and enthusiastic about his classes, teaching, and being a part of the school community. Also, he genuinely cares about his students! He always has a snack or some water to feed us, and he’s always interested to know our concerns and complaints. I’m so grateful that I have gotten to have him as my teacher ever since sophomore year and I know that anyone who has had him would feel the same.” — Jenessa Henderson, Managing Editor

Journalism staff with Mr.Hughes at club picture day