Saving Wildlife During a Global Health Crisis is Important Work

An elk in the wild

An elk in the wild

Emely Contreras, Staff Writer

Wildlife conservation is the type of work that has no end. It revolves around time and the actions we as humans create.  Human existence has only continued to grow as we fill out the lands and build over the seas. Our movements and actions will only continue to dominate the reality for every living thing on Earth. Not only will the human increase in population affect wildlife, but it will also affect their fair share of food and water.

By saving wildlife, will it save our life? (especially in a time like this) The answer should be simple, regardless if you’re an animal lover or not, wildlife depends on us just as much as we depend on wildlife.


Wildlife conservation leading to improved healthcare and education | SOS - Save Our Species I IUCN Global Species Programme
A lion with her cubs

During this time period, the worldwide spread of COVID-19 has caused so much change in so little time. To prevent it from spreading further, society now requires shutdowns, mask-wearing, and social distancing.  Despite how COVID-19 has changed all of our lives, wildlife conservationists are still committed to their duties of preserving nature and helping all wildlife.

Why is saving wildlife important? Especially during a worldwide pandemic? Social distancing can be viewed as a positive for the animals because they are able to roam freely once more. Yet, truthfully, the animals have been cut off from crucial resources and funding. Not only are their resources being cut off, but entire ecosystems are being thrown off balance by the sudden absence of people, while illegal wildlife trading has increased.

The number of interactions between humans and animals can become hazardous, as the animals being traded could carry a disease that can be transferable. A wildlife-human transfer can expose a vulnerable community and spread even more.

The regional executive director from the California Wildlife Center, Brian Kurzel, has stated, “A world without animals and wildlife,  would be completely unrealistic. Our oceans and forests would never be the same.”

As if it were like any other normal day, the California Wildlife Center has devoted their time to preserving wildlife, regardless of a global pandemic happening.  Being short on staff hasn’t caused this non-profit organization to step away from their line of duty. They’ve continuously been keeping the animals safe by providing rehabilitation, food, and medical check-ups every other day, with the help of their volunteers.

They encourage everyone in these hard times to help a fellow furry friend who may be in need of our help. It can be as simple as calling your local animal shelters or wildlife reserves as all provide services 24 hours a day.

Therefore, saving wildlife at a time like this is important because we can ensure that future generations can learn more about our natural world, and most importantly, we will continue to be able to understand how specific species interact with one another.