America’s Minority Communities Confront Racism Daily


Minorities fighting for change in America.

Andy Meza Jimenez, Staff Writer

Problems about race have always hurt the world and created a lot of hate. In all the countries that have problems with race, it is always negative and it always divides the people.

Currently, in America, so many people are sick and tired of the discrimination and horrible acts of racism that are happening every day. I believe people should open their minds and look around at what’s happening in minority communities. It would help people to see the struggle that most minorities have to go through and hopefully they will understand why racism does not help anyone. What we need is to be united and not fight against each other. 

Vector Illustration Closed Circle Between Majority Stock Vector (Royalty Free) 489073510
This illustration shows how people block out people who are different.

Most minority communities have been hard hit by COVID-19 and from the loss of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and others at the hands of violent police actions.  They still are fighting for change and this is something that all people should see. Not the store looters, but the people trying to end racism.

They want changes in the police training so their children don’t have to worry about dying over a police stop. All Americans have had very terrible problems because of COVID-19. That’s a big reason to have empathy for everyone because we are all trying to survive this evil year.

America has had a lot of problems with racism and this has caused the country to become divided. The effect it’s having on modern America is poor decision making from the leaders and this is making for a very disorganized country.

The feeling of disrespect is the feeling that most minorities are having because of the racial problems that keep occurring.  Minorities still have to deal with racism and all the painful deaths that happened in their communities. The memories of their fallen family members, friends, or neighbors are the reasons why most minorities protest for change.

Understanding is the most important part because then we will be able to change and learn the problems that minorities have with the U.S. legal system. These problems exist because of racism and the stereotypes that follow most minorities. These terrible stereotypes are the reason why police take out their pistol for most minorities but not when it is a caucasian person.

The truth about racism is that it was created to divide and oppress minorities. Right now, people are fighting for change and that is bringing a lot of different ethnicities together. Hopefully, everyone understands that it’s time to change and accept people of all backgrounds, races, and religions.