Stray Kids is Back (Door) With a New Repackage Album!

JYP Entertainment


A screen capture of Stray Kids during their first teaser video that was released prior to their comeback.

Isabella Barba, Managing Editor

Stray Kids, a South Korean K-pop group, has just made their comeback through the release of their first repackaged album. After making their latest comeback in June with the title song “God’s Menu,” they’re back with their new title song, “Back Door.”

Before I fully get into discussing their new album, let’s first start with some background information. Stray Kids is an eight-member K-pop group formed under JYP Entertainment through the survival show Stray Kids. They debuted on March 25, 2018, and since then, have released seven extended plays, a full album, and a compilation album of their already released songs. This was re-recorded due to circumstances during their musical journey which was titled SKZ2020

Now with their newest repackage album, In Life, they have released seven new songs along with songs from their previous album, Go Live. The repackaged album displays a mix of hip-hop, R&B, and pop within the total of their 17 songs included in the album. This new take of genres for their songs made it so that this album received one of the highest amounts of pre-orders compared to all their other albums.

Due to their versatile combination of music, especially for this repackage, they caught the attention of many K-netizens and just generally K-pop fans in general. As a result, their title track, “Back Door” became the most streamed 4th-Gen boy group song on the Korean music streaming platform Genie for the year 2020. This is a huge achievement considering that they debuted only two years ago and still have a substantially small fan base.

As part of every comeback, Stray Kids attend music shows to perform their new songs and promote themselves to the public. During award shows, they reward those that have met the standards of the voting criteria, and for this comeback, they have received two award show wins. This is a big deal not only because it’s their first win from the past couple of albums they’ve released, but also because of how important music shows are for groups in the idol industry. Music award shows are a way for artists to promote their music and improve how they perform on stage; so, with two wins in a row, it means their popularity in Korea is slowly increasing.