Obama On Immigration

Ivan Avila and April Giron

After many years of controversy with Congress on attempting to repair the country’s immigration system, President Barack Obama announced his plan to fix the system without the help of Congress through executive order.

The President’s plan is expected to cover immigrant parents of U.S. citizens and permanent residents who have been in the country for at least five years. President Obama said this act would decrease the exploitation of immigrant workers getting paid unfairly. President Obama struggled for over a year trying to get Congress to fix the “broken” immigration system. The constitution limited his authority to act.

Before going through with a plan that can potentially change the entire nation, the plan must go through branches (Checks and Balances).

Republicans in Congress reacted negatively towards the president’s plan, saying it was a case of presidential over-reach. If they react too extremely, it will raise questions whether or not Republicans can govern.

Why is this a case of presidential over-reach?

It is a case of presidential over-reach because  Obama’s action has the potential for Congress to shut down the government because they don’t agree with his decision. Congress can shut down the government by not agreeing on passing the plan’s budget.


The New York Times