Senior Worries

Senior Worries

Martha Lopez and Jonathan Galdamez

“Senior year is going to be so much fun” is the most common misconception high school students are told. In reality, seniors have a lot to worry about.

The number one “concern” for seniors is, of course, graduating. Unfortunately, a lot of students are behind credits and need to make up the classes they need. That means more stress; that sometimes means a zero or seventh period. On top of all of that, seniors are taking their regular academic classes, electives, and some even multiple Honors/APs courses.

Then comes October/November, AKA the most stressful months of high school. College applications usually open on October 1st, but given “senioritis,” students tend to not start until November. That means, for about a month or so, the constant worrying of finishing your applications while balancing your class workload results in exhaustion and this becomes part of the norm. The main concern with the college process is wrapped around the question “Are they going to accept me?”. With filling out the applications themselves, to writing personal statements, to taking SATs and ACTs– it is a lot.

Even if you are not planning to continue your education after high school, there is still a lot of pressure on a senior. Getting a job is a big concern of both college bound and non-college bound students. Some seniors now have a job, and they have to find a way to balance school, college prep, and a social life. How much more stressful can the last year of high school get? Seniors are expected to know, or at least have a clue, what the next chapter of their lives is going to be. Whether it be college, the work force, or joining the military, the big burden of senior year is figuring out “what’s next?”