Among Us is the Online Game of the Year for 2020


This image shows the official loading screen of the wildly popular online game, Among Us.

Andy Meza Jimenez, Staff Writer

This image shows the flyer for Birmingham’s Among Us game night.

Among Us has become one of the most popular games of this year, with 217 million downloads. In early September, the game was being played by hundreds of Youtubers with millions of subscribers. These videos would get millions of views and fans in the comments wanting more of the game Among Us.

With everyone talking about Among Us, people started to make memes, which are jokes. This helped everyone see how fun the game is. On October 27, Birmingham Community Charter High School made a game night with Among Us because it was part of their spooky spirit week.

Among Us was first released on June 15, 2018, and was available on mobile. The game became very popular in the year 2020. The game has made over $39 million in player spending, which includes buying clothes and pets in-game that cost really money.

The game Among Us became one of the memorable games because of its great atmosphere. The game is a murder mystery that you play online with friends and you have to find out who the killer is. The names for innocent players are crewmates and the names for the killers are the imposters.

Among Us became a hit last October because millions of people were getting into the Halloween spirit. The game creators updated the game for Halloween with new hats and spooky decorations all around the maps. The game became so well-known that Logic, a famous rapper, played the game. Another celebrity who played Among Us was Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who is a U.S. senator.  They both streamed on Twitch, which is like a zoom class, but viewers can only see the host.

This is how it looks like when you’re the imposter. You can see the sabotage button on the lower right and the kill button next to it.

Most players enjoy being the imposter because they can eliminate other players who are crewmates. The thing imposters have to watch out for are crewmates because any suspicious activity like faking tasks or following another player might put crewmates on the edge. The worst thing an imposter can do is killing a crewmate in front of a crewmate or venting in front of a crewmate. This is a clear sign that you are the imposter because only imposters can kill or vent. Venting is jumping into a hole and traveling to different areas of the map.

The game has three maps that players can choose to play on, and all of these maps have a different layout. The first map is on a spaceship, the second one is on a floating science base, and the last one is on a volcanic plant. Players have to join lobbies with other players, and each lobby can have between 7 to 10 players. The number of imposters can be chosen by the player and there can be between 1 to 3 imposters.

On the top, there are 3 Maps, and players can choose which map they want to play on.
This is how the game shows you that you’re a crewmate.

The game lets the players play as an imposter or a crewmate, and this is chosen randomly by the game. The imposter can sabotage the ship’s essential needs like oxygen, light, reactor power, and communications. The imposter can also close doors around the map. The crewmate’s job is to do tasks around the map, and if all the crewmates finish their tasks, they win.

Another way crewmates can win is by kicking out all the imposters by voting them out. The imposter’s job is to kill crewmates and sabotage. The way the imposters win is by killing most of the crewmates. Also, if the imposter sabotages the oxygen and no crewmates fix it, then they win.  The crewmates then need to fix the sabotaged machinery because some of the damage can have negative effects.

This is what the game shows you when you are chosen to be the imposter. You and the other imposters know that you are on a team against the crewmates.

The most important part is the meeting. Both imposters and crewmates can call a meeting. There are two types of meetings: emergency meetings and body found meetings. The emergency meeting can only be called if you go to the emergency button and press it. Get ready to explain why you pressed the emergency button because if you have weak evidence, people will think you’re the imposter.

The second meeting that can be called is the body found type, and this can only be called if you find a dead body. You might see someone running away from the body you found because they killed the crewmate. Also, when you call the meeting, you should have the location of the body and if you saw anyone nearby. This helps everyone get an idea of who might be the imposter. Then everyone finishes their vote for who they think is the imposter. The person with the most votes gets kicked off the ship and into space or lava. The game then tells you if you kicked off a crewmate or an imposter.

This image shows how the imposters can sabotage. There is O2, which affects oxygen, and on the bottom middle, there is the electrical, which affects lighting. To the left middle, there is a reactor that affects power.


This is what the meetings look like. On the top right is the chat button, and that is where everyone texts info. The last thing is voting for who you think the imposter is.

The game Among Us will forever go down in history as one of the most popular app games in 2020. This game brought happiness to the people who really needed it and is a game to remember.