The First Step: Treasure Effect is Finally Released!


Picture shows Treasure members in their most recent released music video “My Treasure”

Isabella Barba, Managing Editor

Find your ‘Treasure!’ The monster rookie group Treasure released its first full album on January 11.

After the heartbreaking survival show, YG Treasure Box, Treasure was set to debut sometime during 2019. But due to their company’s management, their debut was postponed indefinitely in August of 2019. Fans didn’t hear news about the group for two long years, that is, until July 12, 2020, when “Treasure debut coming soon” was posted on their social media accounts. After that announcement, the company kept teasing fans with clips of their unreleased music video, then it was officially announced that their debut date would be on July 28. Treasure debuted on August 7, 2020 with their first single album, The First Step: Chapter One.

This is not known by many, but the group consists of eight Korean members and four Japanese members, all of whom are multitalented in different fields of music such as songwriting, composing, and producing. Through their talents, they have released three single albums and their just recently completed full album, The First Step: Treasure Effect, two months after their debut.

Although all members prepared for their comeback, the force behind these albums included four specific members who have taken care of doing the main tasks (songwriting, composing, and producing). Those members are Choi Hyunsuk, Asahi, Yoshi, and Haruto.

Even after two long years of absence, Treasure’s fanbase remained loyal to these 12 boys and patiently waited for their debut. This was definitely encouraging for them, and it is why they’ve only put nothing but hard work into the content they release.

Before the survival show even occurred, there were some members who had been training for almost 10 years. Even after a series of hardships, they never gave up. It is really admirable to me as a fan that, no matter how many obstacles were placed in their way, they still pushed towards their dreams.

Treasure has become a very well-known group in the short time they have had since their debut. Their debut album itself broke records at the time with one of the most preordered albums for any new group in 2o20, not to mention the most albums preordered in the history of their company. Even as a recently debuted gr0up, they’ve attended various award shows and have won many awards.  This really shows that at the end of the day, hard work really does pay off.