Love Alarm Season 2 Finally Arrives, Many Fans Feel Unsatisfied

The three main characters of the shows love triangle, Hyeyoung, Jojo, and Sunoh, respectively.

The three main characters of the show’s love triangle, Hyeyoung, Jojo, and Sunoh, respectively.

Isabella Barba, Managing Editor


After Love Alarm was released in July 2019, the show ended on a cliffhanger. Fans were left distraught and begged for another season, which was shortly announced soon after– but it wasn’t released until March 12 of this year.

Everyone waited two years for their precious season two to be released, but why is it that everyone was left unsatisfied? Why did fans proceed to leave bad reviews on the show’s Netflix page? We’ll get into that shortly after I introduce you to the show.

Love Alarm is a show where expressing your feelings is at the palm of your hand, literally. People use an app in order to tell those who like them, and those who they like back by simply opening an app and being 10 meters from someone.

It is a concept that the protagonist, Jojo, originally didn’t give much thought to, but once she found someone she truly liked, she used it as reassurance. She falls in love with the main lead, Sunoh, and we see the story as a high school couple throughout the show. That is until a series of events occur and the two are separated by circumstances around their lives. In order to protect herself from suffering, Jojo installs a shield block on her love alarm so that she can hide her feelings for the rest of her life by not ringing anyone’s love alarm.

Since Sunoh and Jojo separated, Hyeyoung, the second lead, makes a move on Jojo after liking her for a long time. The show’s first season ends with her seeing herself between both of her love interests with her love alarm showing that two people around her like her.

Now let’s get on to how the second season went and why people were left so enraged and infuriated.

While originally watching the show and seeing the love between Jojo and Sunoh blooming, viewers grew very fond of this pair, and with the way the show’s first season ended, wished for the two to be together again. One would think that because the two characters had a history together, they’d be the final couple, but that’s not the case.

In the second season of Love Alarm, we see the current main lead, Hyeyoung, and Jojo develop a relationship together while living their day-to-day life. Still depending on her love alarm for reassurance, Jojo’s love interest has promised to ring her love alarm 10 times a day. But unexpectedly one day while revisiting her old high school, her love alarm suddenly rings, and this time it wasn’t Hyeyoung.

Jojo finds herself in front of Sunoh, her former high school sweetheart, and the two have a moment of reconnection until Jojo leaves. Throughout each episode, we see Jojo struggle with her emotions while trying to get rid of the shield on her love alarm, that way she can confirm if the feelings she has for Hyeyoung are 100% true. Instead of her shield getting removed, Jojo is given a solution in which she is able to make the decision on the one person’s love alarm she can ring. After a series of events and a journey to finding her self-worth, she chooses Hyeyoung and proceeds to talk things out with Sunoh to finally put an end to their history together.

Hopefully, this small summary of both seasons gives you a general idea of Jojo and her relationships. But now let’s get back to why viewers are so mad.

After finding out who is the final couple, not only through the show’s original webtoon adaptation but through the show’s ending themselves, those who wanted the original couple to be together were absolutely furious. Many fans proceeded to leave bad reviews on any possible website that this drama has. Instead of watching to understand why things happened the way they did, former viewers refused to accept it and cursed the show and its creators.

Now you might be wondering, what’s this writer’s input towards this topic?

Coming from someone who was one of those people who not only shipped the original couple but also waited two years for the show, I wasn’t unsatisfied with the ending. The reason I previously stated (that people don’t even want to at least watch the show to understand the way things ended) is because I also happened to be one of those very few who were looking for answers–and watching it was definitely the answer.

Throughout the show, you’re able to see everyone’s feelings crystal clear, and from this, you’ll clearly understand that what happened between the first couple was just a first-love kind of thing. Meanwhile, with the final couple, you’re able to see that what they have is true love. Jojo is able to come to terms with her true feelings without the use of an app, and the person she chooses is Hyeyoung, that’s how true love was represented in the show.

Although Jojo constantly needed reassurance from Hyeyoung, her feelings were true throughout the entire show–except for one scene where we clearly see her struggling with her emotions. Besides that, the love between the two was a healthy, loving relationship. Not to mention that it was a happy ending for everyone, so what would be the reason for anyone to be angry?