Out of this World Spirit Week Featured Activities and Dress-Up Days

Destiney Crumpton, Senior Columnist

Birmingham hosted a new spirit week for the spring semester. This time the theme was ‘Out of This World.’

Each day, from March 22 to 26, was full of fun after-school activities and days we got to dress up for. There was constellation painting, Galaxy jar, painting with ASB, Among Us game night, and plenty more for activities. This was a creative and fun way to end the week right before spring break!


Blackhole Monday: wear all black!                                                                                                                   Sun And Moon Tuesday

Luis Macias (11) showing his school spirit for Black Hole Monday.
Veronica Gutierrez (12) showing her school spirit week for Sun and Moon Tuesday.
















                                                                                                                                                                                   Space Jam Thursday

Bcchs student showing off their team jersey
Brigitte Macias (9) showing school spirit for Jersey Day.


Space Rodeo Wednesday

Ricardo Rodriguez (12) showing his outfit for Space Rodeo Wednesday



May the Force be with you Friday!

Students got to dress up in their favorite Disney galaxy character or Star Wars character.

Franceska Sorrentino (12) dressing up as Wanda from Wandavision.