Girl From Nowhere, True Colors Revealed


Nanno, the “girl from nowhere”

Isabella Barba, Managing Editor


Girl From Nowhere is a show about an intellectual girl named Nanno who transfers to various schools in order to expose people’s true colors and even teach some life lessons along the way.

Throughout the entire show, Nanno is not stationary at any school. Her mission is to find the bad in people and expose it in whatever way she can, even if it involves torturing them. Once she’s done with her target, she moves on to different schools to find new targets.

In order to prevent major spoiling, I will be spoiling one of the stories from the show for a better understanding of Nanno’s role in the show. This way, whoever reads this article might find the show interesting and give it a watch! Though I will advise everyone to have a look at the show’s warnings before proceeding, since the show definitely covers some strong topics.

In episodes 6 and 7, Nanno transfers to a school where she immediately becomes the soccer team’s coach with another girl named Bam. Immediately, all of the team’s players warmly welcome Nanno, especially Bam’s crush, O. Like one naturally would be in Bam’s situation, she becomes jealous, but her jealousy takes things too far. During a rage episode, she locks herself in a bathroom stall, and to let out her anger, she writes an insult towards Nanno on the bathroom wall (I will not be staying what she wrote because it’s profanity). Thinking nothing of it, she goes on with her day until she comes back to school the next day and realizes that the words she wrote on the wall have become true. She couldn’t believe it and so she tested out the wall’s power by writing another statement, which once again became true.

You’d think this character would stop to think about what could become of that wall and just leave it alone, but that’s not the case. Instead, she encourages someone she saw being bullied outside of the stall to write on the wall, trusting her to keep it a secret, trusting a complete stranger. This was a huge mistake on her part. Bam is quick to notice that odd things have been occurring at her school, and when connecting the dots, she comes to the realization that the wall is what’s causing everything. When Bam went to check what had become of her once safe place, she sees that the wall had now become a public thing for anyone to just come and write as they please and wish bad upon others.

Now realizing that both her actions and words have consequences, Bam is now regretful and tries to fix what she started. Though unfortunately, things don’t always work out the way we want them to.

Once her work was done, Nanno ends her mission with a smirk on her face, as she does in every episode.

Personally, I love this show so far and as I’m writing this article I’m binging the show, which is why I decided to write this article to introduce others to the show. You can watch the show on Netflix, and in case you get hooked, there’s already a season 2 that was just released. Go watch this show!

Nanno’s eerie laughter